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    From: Lieutenant Commander Eric Aramond
    To: Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh // @delpino
    CC: Ensign Matthew Vaj // @mattssheep4
    Subject: Locating POI

    Despite my bitching, I haven’t let my time on this forced sabbatical go to waste. Not sure how much luck you two have had looking for Mundy’s lost brother. I’d been twiddling my thumbs until last cycle, personally. I finally had some face-to-face time with one of my sources. Before you ask, yes, he is reliable. I got some interesting news. Brother Mundy, or Rajeev Chakravarthi, as he’s been calling himself, is on the move alongside his bastard friends. To our corner of the neighborhood, as well. They’re heading to the the Poseidon Rift. No details on why, but something about a ship called the Malfeas. Aside from the intimidating name, all else my source was able to get is that this is a ship “the likes of which has not been in known space.”

    Since my source wishes to remain anonymous, I can’t exactly take this to ONI. I’m hoping you have some idea on how to proceed. There’s also the fact that Lt. Mundy will want to know this. Not sure if this should be revealed just yet. Considering how often we fight the USF, worrying about the crew of every destroyed ship could create some mental strife. I’ll leave it to your judgment.

    Anyway, I should be back soon, I hope. Wreak some havoc for me.

    -Lt. Cmdr. Eric Aramond

    John van Leigh

    From: Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh
    To: Lieutenant Commander Eric Aramond
    Subject: RE:Locating POI

    Everything’s well. The capture of Volantis keeps advancing with minimal losses for our division. I’m not sure we’ll have a chance to get to the Poseidon Rift, but a reported increase on Unuk activity might just do the trick.

    I’ll ask Fish to approve a scouting run. That ship you talk about sounds like shit propaganda, but might even be worth checking on. Being stabbed from the back as soon as we capture a sector is somewhat anticlimactic.

    Stay well over there with the brass, we’re gonna need you back on the field soon.

    -Lt. Cmdr. van Leigh.


    From: Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh
    To: Captain Fish Evans // @fishevans
    Subject: Unakalhai activity on the Poseidon Rift


    I came across a concerning piece of intelligence. Apparently, there is a party of Unukalhai, the brother of our Lieutenant Senior Mundy amongst them, closing on the Poseidon Rift. They seem to be associated somehow with a ship, the Malfeas, which holds special significance to them.

    My conclusion is that this either constitudes a raid, in which case must be stopped, or the Malfeas is either a propaganda claim or a real military threat. Should that be the case, at the very least we need to be aware of her capabilities.

    I am hereby requesting permissions to depart on recon ops to the Poseidon Rift, with the mission of investigating and reporting back on Unukalhai activity and general bulk cargo movements.


    Lt. Cmdr. van Leigh

    Fish Evans

    From: Captain Fish Evans
    To: Lieutenant Commander John van Leigh Captain Fish Evans
    Subject: Unakalhai activity on the Poseidon Rift

    Lt Cmdr,
    I wont ask how you came across this information, however the Security Services Beuro have passed on information concerning a ship reportedly by the name Malfeasant to the point we even have some imagery of her physical design. its location however is unknown.

    accordingly I am authorising you to pull together a scratch crew to man the PWC Manticore – you will find her in docking bay 7 – a captured and modified arrow class ship as I am sure you are aware. you are instructed to use the manticore to scout the Rift, you are to try to remain undetected and to use the manticore’s pirate background to locate get detailed scans of the Malfeasant and determine its purpose in the Posiden rift.

    I will warn you that the Malfeasant if true to the designs will be many times the Manticore’s match or indeed any single ship the TSN has, because of this if you believe its intent is hostile you are to report back so that the division can scramble a defence against her. I leave you discretion as to how exactly you proceed once in the rift but remind you that the defence of TSN boarders MUST come first over any.. personal quests such as retrieving any relations.

    Launch Authorisation: G775EC

    Please provide a list to my self and the DO/ADO on which personnel will be present on the manticore.

    Information and Guidlines
    limit to RP
    up to the point where:
    the Manticore either calls for division back up
    is engaged by the Malfeasant
    returns to base having failed to locate or determined that Malefeas poses no threat.

    The objective being that the division will either do a rescue a seek and destroy guided by the Manticore at the start of next shift or shortly into the shift. Mr Van Leigh and his designated XO for this mission will be responsible for deciding on the actions taken based on suggestions from his crew in the appropriate thread. ONI officers may help set the scean I will post some guidance to them in the Intel forms tomorrow evening (I suspect it will take that long to get a crew formed,

    voulenteer Crew members should
    1) Be able to attend next shift to the best of there knowledge
    2) check the forums several times a day over the next week.

    Adele Mundy

    //a completely un-officer-like but delighted “Squeeeee!” from over here…

    //@aramond, I would recommend not telling Mundy anything yet.

    //This sounds like a glorious plot! Now I’m so tempted to volunteer Mundy for the Manticore mission… I’ll still be DO, would that present a conflict?


    // I volunteer! Manticore is a tricky beast with all sorts of badly integrated latest generation tech aboard. A bit fragile, but punches above her weight. Tactically a bit like Lancer.

    Also I have been putting a bit of thought into some configuration tricks we can pull to alter her emissions profile so she is harder to identify in subsequent encounters. That is one of the considerations that caused us ethical issues on the last mission.

    It will be a glorious thing.

    John van Leigh

    //Matsiyan, if there’s an engineer I find reasuring to have on the team, it’s you.

    //Adele, If you volunteer, I’m willing to have you as my XO, unless another lt-cdr jumps in. Still, are you absolutely sure you want to volunteer? If I try to contact your brother your character might have some problems.


    //Damn you, continuity! Though I’m making it to the shift this week, Eric is still technically off station. Otherwise, he’d be on this in a heartbeat.

    // @mundy Yeahhh, Eric is keeping his mouth shut for the time being. He’s feeling guilty over his priorities, but doesn’t want to admit it. Keep him away from the alcohol…

    Adele Mundy

    //That’s what I was thinking: mostly, keeping the information confidential if Mundy is aboard (especially as SciComms) is going to be tricky. On the other hand, I don’t really want Horatio to die off-stage 😨 and lose the chance of a dramatic scene. And the whole point of having a traitor brother was for Mundy to have problems…

    //Also, I shall be away, and without wi-fi connection, from the 4th August to 12th September. I’ll be relying on phone connection, so able to check mail and the forum, but no chance of taking part in a shift. So, if there were consequences to Manticore‘s mission, they might be a good explanation for Mundy’s absence.

    //Should this move to a private thread? Matsiyan is coming up with evil ideas…


    // This is awesome. I have some devilish suggestions. If we are going to go anywhere with it as a plot thing, do we want to move it to a less open forum? Either a personal message thread or a restricted forum of some kind.

    John van Leigh

    //Aramond, you know you could have gotten here during dinner and suddenly appear onboard.

    //Matsiyan, Mundy, I’ll send you and the volunteers my personal email address.


    // So is @aramond going to attend as a different character this week?
    23716-2237 :
    30716-2237 : Aramond-when is remaining Upheaval?
    6816-2237 : Mundy
    13816-2237 : Mundy, Matsiyan
    20816-2237 : Mundy, Matsiyan
    27816-2237 : Mundy, Matsiyan
    3916-2237 : Mundy, Matsiyan
    10916-2237 : Mundy
    17916-2237 :

    This really needs to be a google sheet for TSN Absence Plans

    Adele Mundy

    // @aramond, I was going to suggest you could turn up with a different character.

    // Yay, guilt trip! Let’s see, hom much psychic damage can we inflict on our poor characters?


    // @mundy @delpino Nah, the secondary character thing would get too annoying (for me anyway). I want in, so lets just say Eric just as Eric steps off the shuttle, van Leigh drags him onto the Manticore.

    // @matsiyan The Upheaval will truly start on 15816, so I’ll be missing at least one shift after that. Until then, I’ll be here.

    Adele Mundy

    //@aramond @delpino Then if Aramond turns up, he’s a SciComms officer and outranks Mundy, so another good reason not to have her join the Manticore crew.

    Matthew Vaj

    // I also volunteer. If Matsiyan has engineering I can take weapons or science, and since I am ex-USF, it might be useful to have someone who knows their tactics and such.

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