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    Gathered intelligence data from Seasons 16: Insurgence


    Episode 1: A Half Truth is a Whole Lie


    We are suspecting that someone is working with or for the Hegemony and framing Hjorden Command for insurgency against TSN.

    What is more, it is clear that someone on board of our ships have killed a captured prisoner and broke silent running protocols during a covert mission.

    Having said that, we are searching for the saboteur and the murderer! According to records he/she was last seen aboard Horizon sabotaging silent run protocols.

    Observe your surroundings and crew mates well and inform us if you see any suspicious activity.




    TSN forces lead by Admiral Oliver PACE is tracing the 4th Light Division which may pose a threat to innocent citizens of USFP and the Neutral States.

    They are charged with treason and have attacked USFP forces.

    It saddens us to announce that good allies like Hjorden are also traitors. It is believed that this separatist fleet joint its forces with Hjordens as well.

    Should you see the 4th Light Division, they should not be approached as they may pose a risk to the public. They are heavily armed with high tech ships and dangerous.

    The last confirmed location for the 4th Light Division, was in Sumri sector.

    A list to recognize the traitors will be shared soon…



    These TSN officers are stripped from their ranks and dishonorably discharged. They are wanted for their crimes against the people of USFP and the Neutral States.

    Should you see them, contact the nearest headquarters.

    Xavier Wise
    Rodger Wilcon
    Bruce Draeco
    Faro Quen
    Donovan Árón
    Aideron Tivianne
    Forde Swan
    Roshin Das
    Thomas Avirson
    Palne Calon
    Joy Tetra
    Tuor Elanesse



    … Routed by Comms relay 406…
    … Received by Comms Relay 235…
    … Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…


    There was an explosion at the Eris station in the Atlantis System!

    The Hjorden Embassy at Eris station in Sector 7, Atlantis System, was bombed.

    500 Hjorden citizens and 200 USFP citizens lost their lives in the attack.

    The attack is believed to have been carried out by a transport ship arriving from the Titan gate near Eris station.

    As it is known, the tension between the USFP and the Hjorden administration has been escalating recently.

    This attack culminated in escalating tensions since USFP representatives accused the Hjorden rulers of collaborating with Hegemony against USFP.

    It is considered that the attack may have been carried out by Terra’s Fist, a separatist and racist group founded by USFP citizens.

    As it is known, this group recently demanded the repatriation of the citizens of the Neutral States within the USFP to their own regions.

    We will continue to share information about the attack with you.



    … Routed by Comms relay 406…
    … Received by Comms Relay 235…
    … Redirected… CIC host…
    … Translating from
    … Fleet wide broadcast…

    —- Hjorden Monarch Nax Vugne is expressing his views on the attack on Eris station live at the scene. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

    My condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the treacherous attack on Eris station. I hope that the perpetrators and instigators of the attack will be brought to justice as soon as possible.

    As the Hjorden saying goes, “Even if it’s a snapped antenna, your right is out there. Seek and find!”

    I am one of those who believe that it is time to ask ourselves why we have come this way.

    Didn’t we bathe under the same star?

    Didn’t we drink the same water?

    Didn’t we endure the same troubles and die in the same wars?

    So why this separation now? And why this separation at the moment when we should be most united?

    Some communities within TSN argue that they have been fighting for us with us for years and that it was futile. What you are ignoring is this: we are fighting with you for you! We are fighting the same enemy. We support you with our resources. We raise our strongest larvae and drive them to the fronts.

    Enough of this nonsense! Long live unity! Long live democracy!

    Remember Eris!




    … Routed by Comms relay 406…
    … Received by Comms Relay 235…
    … Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…

    —- Admiral Oliver PACE is expressing his views on the runaway 4th LD. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

    Adm. Oliver PACE:
    I state that as all TSN forces we are after 4th LD.

    Since we think they are hiding in the Sumri system, we search this system every inch.

    You can believe that these traitors, these Hjorden lovers will never escape and face the sharp sword of justice!

    If you see them, remember that they no longer have rank and privilege, report them immediately to the nearest authorized unit.

    Press Member:
    Admiral! Admiral! What do you think of Hjorden and USFP relations?

    Adm. Oliver PACE:
    What relationship? I can’t comment on a non-existent situation, can I?

    USFP President thinks that Hjorden people have fallen victim to misunderstanding. If only she had taken care of USFP citizens as much as she took care of the Hjordens, we wouldn’t be left helpless in this situation.

    We wouldn’t be fighting across the galaxy for other races in endless wars.



    … Routed by Comms relay 450…
    … Received by Comms Relay 335…
    … Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…


    Notorious 4th LD forces attacked Sector 8 of the Tilminra System. Taking control of the stations in the sector and the Sumri gate, which means that 4th LD has also taken the fastest entry and exit gate into the system under control.

    There are concerns for the lives of USFP and Neutral States citizens currently located at stations.

    According to the statements, Adm.Pace’s fleet is being conveyed to the Acantha gate from the long way around.

    As of now, the Acantha gate is the only gate to the Tilminra sector.

    As it is known, it was learned that the Hjorden government was in treacherous undertakings in the past weeks and it was revealed that they were working together with the Hegemony forces.

    On top of all this, Adm. Coates, who is thought to be a strong Hjorden sympathizer with the 4th LD forces under his command, attacked the TSN forces and fled to the Sumri System famous for its difficult terrain.



    … Routed by Comms relay 406…
    … Received by Comms Relay 235…
    … Redirected… CIC host… Fleet wide broadcast…

    —- Admiral Oliver PACE is expressing his views on the runaway 4th LD. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

    Press Member:
    Adm. Pace! With a surprise attack 4th LD has gained control of the Sumri gate in Tilminra. Were you expecting that? And how is going to affect the process of catching them?

    Adm. Oliver Pace:
    It would not be right for me to share information about an ongoing operation with you. As explained earlier, our troops are directed towards the Acantha gate.

    Necessary orders were given to our troops in Tilminra. We will catch these criminals as soon as possible and bring them to justice.

    Press Member 2:
    Adm. Pace! News is circulating that you have requested help from Ximni mercenaries and Sechatzal ships to reach the Tilminra sector faster and sneak attack.

    The famous mercenary Master Bor-Nova is said to be in this team.

    Are these true?

    Adm. Oliver Pace:
    Do you really believe that such a ridiculous thing could happen? TSN forces are strong and equipped enough to take this situation under control.

    TSN never collaborates with questionable communities and organizations.

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    News are spreading fast that the famous mercenary Master Bor-Nova and his fleet have been spotted near the Sumri System.

    Although TSN officials and Admiral Oliver Pace do not admit to working with Master Bor-Nova, things don’t seem that way obviously.

    SO WHO IS THIS Master Bor-Nova?

    Master Bor-Nova, a Ximni mercenary who has been prosecuted multiple times for committing war crimes, is considered the most vicious and dangerous bounty hunter to be found in the industry.

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that whenever he appears on the battlefield with his ship, the BELL MARE, a Ximni Dreadnaught class ship, the course of the war is affected.

    Coming from one of the canniballistic tribes of the toxic Ximni planets, Master Bor-Nova is also known for disrupting the bodily integrity of his enemies. What happens to the missing body parts is still a mystery.

    He is also famous for carrying a piece of fertile land in a necklace around his neck to remember the past of his once fertile planet, now completely poisonous.

    It is known that Master Bor-Nova also worked with the Sechatzal ships, which are famous for their cloaking technology.




    <current tactical situation of the 4th light division>


    Current location:

    With the Sumri gate is hacked and closed by us, Adm. Pace had to reroute his forces and flagship TSN Danube towards Acantha System. It is the only conventional way to get in to Tilminra currently.

    On the other hand we are getting intels about Ximni and Sechatzal mercenaries arriving with their jump and stealth technology, rendering gates useless for the moment.


    Closed Sumri gate and TSN forces rerouted.

    Estimated location of Pace’s forces and their possible approach to Acantha.

    Estimated location of Ximni mercenary Master Bor-Nova and Sechatzal forces



    … Routed by Comms relay 125…
    … Received by Comms Relay 255…
    … Redirected… CIC host…
    … Fleet wide broadcast…


    The 4th LD forces have broken the famous pirate Mezzomorto out of jail.

    According to the information received, the prison convoy departing from the Tilminra 4 sector was ambushed by the 4th LD traitors in the Tilminra 3 sector.

    It is stated that there were prisoners belonging to the Hjorden, Hegemony, USFP races on the seized transport ships.

    4th LD has released many prisoners of political, military and other crimes of these races.

    But there is such a criminal among them that according to the information conveyed, a huge ship was allocated only to him. It was the well-known pirate Mezzomorto, who had terrorized the Neutral Zone.

    It is thought that the 4th LD forces, who liberated Mezzomorto as a result of their attack, took the famous pirate to their side.

    On the other hand, TSN forces continue to advance at full speed towards the Acantha gate and it appears they are ready to reassert domination of the Tilminra sector.


    Episode 2: The Enemy of my Enemy


    .. Routed by Comms relay 406…
    … Received by Comms Relay 235…
    … Redirected… CIC host…
    … Translating from
    … Fleet wide broadcast…

    —- Madam President Kuyas Tolunay of USFP is expressing her views on the attack on Eris station live at the scene. We are connecting to the broadcast. —-

    No matter what we went through, being together gives me hope on this painful day.

    As soon as I heard of the attack, I interrupted my talks in the Neutral Zone and reached the Atlantis sector as quickly as possible.

    I curse the terrorist organization Terra’s Fist, which carried out the attack. The supporters and funders of this organization will be brought to light.

    I have also received information about 4th LD. I am a person who believes in common sense. It is unrealistic for a loyal and heroic unit like the 4th LD to suddenly attempt such acts. The background and reality of the event are being investigated with all our authority.

    It is unreasonable to suddenly declare our heroic officers who have served their country for years, especially in these dark days, as traitors.

    I am sure that behind all this a logical explanation awaits us.

    I will discuss this matter in person with Admiral Pace at the Colony Day events, which we will celebrate very soon.

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    Sechatzal Race

    Native to Khoros System

    Amphibious race with a natural ability to cloak themselves from predators – combination of pseudo-exoskeleton and special organs in their skin which secrete a unique and complex combination of molecules at will that together effectively eliminate most EM emissions so long as they do not exceed an internal temperature threshold.

    They primarily release excess heat through waste, but at will may choose to utilize their unique respiratory system to supplement when necessary. Their primary respiratory system is more analogous to gills in terrestrial fish than human lungs. They require oxygen, but instead of breathing in and out as humans do, they have a separate intake and an exhaust, as it were. Flagella inside their respiratory system both facilitate air movement and increase surface area for oxygen absorption.

    Sechatzals have relatively long life cycle. Their average lifespan is approximately 200 earth standard years. A female can only support up to two offspring every fifteen years while she is fertile. Females reach adolescence around 25 years old, and are generally infertile by the age of 150. Due to their slow reproductive rates and other, mostly unknown, factors, the species has a very low population (ONI estimates of population indicate less than 2 million total).

    ONI has been unable to directly analyze their vessels, but it is speculated that their vessels’ hulls are equipped with artificially-grown versions of their own stealth-molecule-secreting organs.




    As we all know, it all started with us being in the wrong system and receiving a black box data that holds proofs of Adm. PACE’s treason.

    Thanks to Hjorden and Hegemony technicians in our Loyalist Fleet, we manage to further encrypt the black box data.

    We have found some protected files holding logs of an officer named Aras Tenedos. Interestingly he served nearly 20 years ago on TSN DANUBE, the Black-Ops ship we encountered at Mria Command.

    IT shows that Black-Ops division is older and rooted than we estimated.

    The file seems mostly corrupted yet we will share what we can salvage from the drive.


    Name: Aras Tenedos
    Rank: Captain

    Basic Info:

    Enlistment Date: 33-2218
    Primary Expertise: Tactical
    Secondary Expertise: Helm

    Promotion History:

    Cadet: 33-2218
    Ensign: 94-2219
    Lieutenant, Junior Grade: 205-2220
    Lieutenant: 3111-2221
    Lieutenant Commander: 232-2223
    Commander: 219-2224
    Captain: 423-2226


    2nd Fleet- 2nd Battle Division: 33-2218

    TSN Danube: 205-2220

    Log #25

    Stardate: 205-2220

    Finally assigned to Danube!
    Can’t wait to serve under Captain Pace. 2nd Fleet- 2nd Battle Division is known for their strict structure but i am sure i will fit in.

    corrupted data

    Captain put me on helm. Tomorrow we’re going on a covert operation.

    corrupted data

    There is talk of the possibility of Danube being commissioned under another division.

    corrupted data

    Commander D’Rani says that in order to earn my callsign as a pilot, I must first prove myself. He’s a serious man, but I’m sure he actually loves me like a son. Good night diary!

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