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The TSN Mod is an extension for Artemis 2.8.x. It adds in multiple new factions and a vast array of new ships and stations, including new player ships. In addition, it tweaks values such as energy usage and weapon strength to allow for long range operations away from star bases and longer combat engagements. The TSN mod can be downloaded using the link below.

TSN RP Mod File 3.1

***Updated 11.02.22***

CIC Software

The CiC software is specifically designed to build the TSN Sandbox mission script. This has been created for those running a server and hosting the mission script so that they can tailor the script to the requirements of the group and the mission. It allows specialised player ship modules to be enabled, quantities of ordnance to be customised on each ship, and additional cargoes (marine teams, medics, sensor buoys, and more) for shuttle operations to be set. The server host needs to download and install the Command and Control systems and then add the Command and Control XML files, depending on whether the group is or is not running the TSN mod.

Software Guide (Coming Soon)

Command & Control Systems

Command & Control XML Files (for TSN Mod)

Command & Control XML Files (Vanilla)