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    Tuor Elanesse

    Officers are free to write their opinions about the newly discovered Hegemony weapon “Warp Disruptor” under this topic.

    Joy Tetra

    Ensign Tetra nervously reads from her thrice-edited report:

    There are two apparent effects of the warp disruptor fields: One; the field causes fluctuations in the warp core that directly affect the efficiency of the warp system’s power regulation, causing warp power to effectively fluctuate at random. Two; the system’s efforts to compensate for the fluctuation generate excessive heat at unpredictable rates.

    This latter appears to be the greater problem: keeping the heat buildup under control is only possible with full coolant. Even then, overheat conditions are possible, but the system can be kept running for sufficient amounts of time. However, the necessity to focus all cooling efforts on the warp systems makes it very difficult to allocate high power to other systems at the same time.

    The ship crews must be aware of the following: while in the range of a warp disruptor, overpowering any system comes at the cost of either damaging the warp systems, or damaging the overpowered system, due to overheating. Power spikes can only be safely conducted for a few seconds per system. The heat thus accumulated can’t be reduced again without leaving the warp disruptor field.

    Without coolant, the warp system takes damage rather quickly, which incurs a considerable risk of losing warp capability completely within relatively short time. It looks to be impossible to operate a ship at the usual efficiency while in the field. Attempting to do so is risking getting stranded without warp capabilities. When engaging in difficult battles, I would caution to avoid lingering in warp disruptor fields as far as possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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