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The (Un)Official Roleplay Community of the renowned Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, the Terran Stellar Navy is a worldwide network of stellar officers dedicated to professional operation of space faring vessels. Whether you are already a member of the community, or want to find out more and how to join, these pages will provide you will all the information that you need to know. There are links to documentation created by the community, information on how to get started and how we run the RP evenings as well as additional background information about the TSN Universe in which the community operates.

About Us

The TSN RP Community was officially launched on 2nd March, 2013 and has been steadily growing as more people join. Our aim is to make playing Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator as real an experience as possible and to train the best and most experienced crews in the TSN, taking the game to the next level. We have a regular RP session that runs every Saturday at 20:00 UTC and lasts until 00:00 UTC. There is an established promotions system and chain of command that works on experience, expertise and time served, with only the best and most experienced officers gaining higher command ranks and an official command of their own.

People from across the world take part, from Europe to North America and beyond, linking through a Teamspeak server to communicate. Membership is open to anyone, with any level of experience, and members can be Casual and attend when they can, or Active and attend sessions on a regular basis.

Officially, we operate as the TSN 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division and are based in the Promethean System.

Join Today!

Register on the site, and check out the information in the Activation email. You’ll find essential information about the group and how to connect to our TeamSpeak and Discord servers.

After that, the rest is easy: acquire the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (from Steam or direct from the Artemis website – both versions will work fine) if you do not have it already and ensure your version of Teamspeak 3 is up to date. Be on station (on Teamspeak) at 20:00 hours UTC every Saturday for an out-of-this-world experience!

33 thoughts on “Terran Stellar Navy

  1. Matsiyan

    I had the privilege of training under TSN supervision aboard the Dreadnought Freya, Scout Bast and Light Cruiser Ishtar during this year’s exercises in Phoenix and four tours aboard the Missile Cruiser Badb last year, with several civilian cruises in between. I am looking forward to applying to the Light Division.
    Conrad Matsiyan
    //Murray Writtle

  2. Nathan

    Played Artemis for the first time at Phoenix ComiCon last week and had a blast. Would love to get involved, if you’re still open to new people.

  3. Xavier Post author

    Of course we are still open to new people! You’d be more than welcome to join up and join in. We meet every Saturday at 20:00hrs UTC (you just need to calculate for your own timezone). There will be people about before that time too (up to an hour before), and would be more than happy to help you get set up ready for the game.

  4. Dennis Taylor

    Trying to find out if you are still playing games. Been playing this game for a while with local friends, but everyone local has gotten too busy.

  5. Xavier Post author

    We are a very active community and intend to be for a long time yet. You can join us every Saturday at 20:00hrs UTC on our own teamspeak server (details on the main page).

  6. John bloom

    Hi we have a crew of 8 that plays locally in my living room on Fri or thursday. We would like to play, is there a need or a way to be the aliens or bad guys, or does the system only generate enemy’s and we all have to be good guys?

  7. Travis Head

    @John Bloom; I can’t speak for TSN but the game itself assumes you are the good guys. Of course you can write a scenario to be whomever you like. Also, if you have enough people for two ships there is no reason you can’t attack each other.
    Makes for a good bit of fun.

  8. Crimson King

    Considering taking the plunge and joining up if there’s space. I assume the non-Steam version will be workable?

  9. Xavier Post author

    Both non-steam and steam versions work fine. Our TSN Expansion can be installed with either version.

  10. Joshua Weidner

    Hey! I’m a new player looking for a crew to join. Do we usually play online or do a LAN party type thing?

  11. Thorinas

    Is this still a thing? I am very interested in participating in this, but ill have to warn you, I am a german with accent (which i am trying to get rid of) would it still be okay for you if I would join in ? 😉

  12. Xavier Post author

    The TSN is still running, and running strong. You are more than welcome to join and don’t worry about the accent! We’ve had people from all four corners of the world in the TSN.

  13. Endor

    Hi! I am playing artemis with my friends once in a while, and i would love to get involved.
    One question:
    How do you become a captain of a vessel?

  14. Thomas Avirson

    Hey Endor,

    Captaining a game of Artemis is notable in any environment, however, within the TSN there are a lot of nuanced terms and specific alterations to how the game operates; first-hand knowledge of these things are essential to making decisive calls. In short: time, experience, and simple crew availability are all needed to captain your own ship… along with a healthy dose of ambition. =)

    I hope you’ll join us soon, and that you’ll bring some of those friends along with you as well.

  15. Purple

    I’m presuming the fact that there is a minimum age range to this of which if there is one should be mentioned.
    This is purely a suggestion

  16. Matsiyan

    Hello, Purple,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We have not had to set a hard limit yet, but it is true we have only had a very small number of pre-adults over the years. They have not been disruptive. People have generally been quite supportive of their presence. But the semi-realistic roleplay is a bit dry for younger people who may want to focus on the gameplay.

    Commander Matsiyan, O.N.I.
    4th Light Division, 2nd Space Fleet

  17. [Cdt] Pepe Bawagan

    Served as Engineer on the TSN Lancer and had a blast! Learned a lot of new stuff as well. Would do again if timezones were more permissive. Hello from Manila! 🙂

  18. iuri rolho

    am thinking of trying this game, but never played it before i one bough it but refunded it, i want to give it a second shot, am thinking of joining you maybe but idk what i would be good at or what roles i would like to play

  19. Matthew Vaj

    Hi Iuri, many people join us without any experience at all! We’d love to have you, and you’ll certainly get a chance to figure out what stations you like to play most.

  20. Alkaryn Varyatar

    Greetings i just filled all the forms, hope to meet you on Saturday!!

  21. Captain Matsiyan

    Looking forward to welcome all the new recruits from Dragon Con. Mention that Lt. Reynolds sent you 🙂

  22. Troy "Commodore Lawson" Thompson

    Greetings from Lawson Thompson! We’ve just returned from Dragon Con where our Artemis bridges were visited by nearly 600 potential recruits! We had a Terran Stellar Navy poster on our table, and indicated interest.

    We had a small team of TSN members join us; they were QUITE skilled and willing to guide our newbies. Kudos to the TSN!

  23. Xavier Post author

    Thank you. It looks like everyone had an awesome time! It’s brilliant to hear that our TSN officers were such a great help as well and I am sure we’ll be seeing many new players joining the Artemis community as a whole.

  24. Sabasti

    Sabasti here, looks like it’s Artemis or nothing! So hopefully I’ll be signing up, unfortunately I can’t use discord (get blocked every fifteen minutes, so it’s a no go).

  25. Sabasti

    Hi Charles,

    Yeah, we are. That said Holiday period coming up and we’re standing down 23rd December until (I suspect) 10th January. If you’re on discord though I’m sure the others will have plenty of activities for you over the holidays.

    Teamspeak is usually only used (by myself) and during the duty shift, which is weekly… Saturday 2000hrs UTC give or take (someone will correct me if I got the day wrong).

  26. Saro Nadjarian

    Hey there,

    Just registered, and new to this game. I familiarized myself with the game, hope to see you soon.

    Do you have a newbie section?

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