Mission: 19217-2237

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    Zac Turnez

    The engines of the shuttle cycle down and shut off. Outside, a wind can be heard rustling through alien trees nearby. Zac enters some commands into his console, bringing up the orbital images taken from the first survey mission.

    Orbital Image

    We are located on this continent, on the green area just above the Raven’s nacelle in this image. The most recent possible impact event is located towards the coast line. If it is an impact crater, there may be some debris still there that we can analyse.

    As we flew in, the storm cell was still active, so I think we should keep an eye on it. I suggest setting up the atmospheric monitors first so that we can track the storm and its impact. It’ll take some time to find a suitable location and get the equipment set up, and until we have more data, we don’t know when and where that cell will make landfall. If we have to get out quick and the equipment isn’t deployed, all we’ll have to show is some species of plants. I can also link in with the TSN Viper’s sensors to give us a way to track the storm in the meantime. It’l give us a bit of warning if the cell starts heading towards us and a possible ETA for landfall.

    After that, we could make our way towards the coastline to see if we can pick up any samples from any life along the coast and check out the possible impact event in that area.


    Quinn swivels his chair away from the pilot’s controls toward the sensor panel nearby

    Is the gravity of this planet lower than Earth? AR = Below Average; DR = Average; Roll = 45; Result = No

    We’d better get moving then, getting anywhere is going to be slow going with almost 2Gs working against us.

    Quinn gets up and begins to put an environment suit over top of his flight suit

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    Matthew Vaj

    Matthew gets unbuckles his restraints and begins to gather up the equipment he will need.

    Shoot, where’s my cytoplasmic spectrometer?

    Does he find the scanner? AR = Above Average; DR = Average; Roll = 16; Result = Yes.

    Oh, here it is. Right, I’m ready to roll!

    Adele Mundy

    //may I point out that just because the gravity isn’t lower than Earth’s, it doesn’t necessarily have to be “almost 2G”. It could be anything from equal to Earth, to “squash you like a bug G”. But we know from sensor data that the planet is suitable for human colonization with no major terraforming, and I would argue that suggests not much more than 1G. But I’ll defer to the GM.

    Mundy doesn’t look up from her console as she remarks,

    Orbital weather satellites are programmed and ready to launch from Viper. The high atmosphere sensors need just a few more tweaks to adjust for the gravity. And we should have some local range drones ready after that.


    Nhaima secured herself from the crash webbing then headed aft. Walking past a row of storage lockers, she found the drone kit and began to break it out and outfitted it for use. Once it had been assembled, she opened the inner airlock door and placed it on the deck in the middle of the room before sealing it and flooding the chamber with the external atmosphere

    “O2, good… Nitrogen, good. Atmospheric pressure, good. Beginning pre-flight check”

    She walked back over to her console, keyed it into the drone’s matrix, and began warming it up for a proper flight. Within a few minutes, she had the little engines whirring happily and the electronics had all registered green. She began articulating the controls and the drone drifted upwards then out the airlock steadily.

    “Lieutenant Senior, we have liftoff on Skyhawk-1. I’m going to keep it on manual for a bit before I shift it over to autopilot, but this should give us a closer eye-in-the-sky as well as a way to track the storm’s effects at altitude.”

    Is the drone capable of flying at higher gravity? AR = Above Average; DR = Below average; Roll = 14; Result = Yes.

    Tuor Elanesse

    Commander Tuor listened the sit-reps given from the officers carefully. He too opened his belt and left his seat. He searched his med pack

    DO i have one? (// since i have expertise on medical areas)

    He said to the crewmembers:

    Well, It was a bumpy ride Quinn!
    Alright, let’s gear up! I want updates about the storm as we continue. Lieutenant Mundy, I ve heard you are good at comms. Focus your attentiton around the impact area and keep us informed please.If there are hostiles present we need to know. Let’s hope, if there is a threat, they try to communicate friendly vessels and we find them before they find us. Zac has supplied us the map, we ll make the best out of it. We ll go directly to the impact zone. On our way we will gather as many data as we can about the flora and fauna. We ll walk in a single file when we go out, Nhaima you ll come from behind covering us since you are one of the most trained officer on weapons here. Take your weapons and let’s go!

    He opened the door for pressure and decontamination chamber. then he opened the second door opens to surface. Bright light coming from the star made him to adapt to light longer than he expected. He looked around tried to get his bearings on this vast planet. He could see the clouds clustering over the horizon. Opened his med pack and get his inhaler out. While pressing on it and letting the relaxing medicine into his lungs, he thought “God I hate unknown planets, Too many germs, new proteins, if I get space AIDS from a mosquito I swear i ll retire early and demand a great money from the federation!”


    Sorry about the turbulence, sir. Damned atmosphere, always getting in the way of where I’m trying to fly…

    Quinn straps his sidearm to his suit and picks up a case with one of the atmospheric monitors in it and takes up position in the single-file line as it proceeds away from the shuttle.

    Is the terrain easy to traverse? AR = Above Average; DR = Average; Roll = 27; Result = Yes

    The flora, which was noticed from orbit, consists of lush green fields of vegetation that lies low to the ground and is easy to walk through.

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    Adele Mundy

    Replying to Tuor

    Sir, so far we have no indication of life forms capable of comms transmissions as we understand them. I’ll continue to monitor through the frequencies and report any activity.


    Zac shoulders a portable sensor pack, linking up his datapad to the sensor feed.

    Nhaima, the quicker you can get that drone to altitude, the better. I can create a data link to it and monitor pressure changes in the atmosphere. It’ll take time to get up to max altitude, but the more data we can get the better.

    Keying some commands into his data pad, Zac begins setting up the required link. As it cycles, he enters more commands, pulling up sensor readings and mapping of the local area.

    Are there any suitable points to deploy the atmospheric monitoring station within a few hours walking distance? AR-Average; DR-Average: Roll-50; Result-Yes

    Is the location in the same direction as the planet side event? AR-Average; DR-Average; Roll-23; Result-No

    Zac points to some hills ahead.

    On the summit of one of those hills should be ideal to set up the station. According to these readings, the it’ll take us an hour or so to cover the distance. The terrain looks pretty even so should make for easy going. Its not quite along our track to the event on the coast, but from there, we should get a good view over towards it.

    Blaze Strife

    Responing to Commander Tuor Let me exit the shuttle first, sir. And I don’t think it’s a great idea to walk in a single file. We’ve all received at least basic combat training, and some of us much more, so I’d suggest we spread out a bit, keeping a distance of 5 to 10 meters between us, sir. That way we can cover more ground, explore the nearby area more efficiently, and stay on our guard for a threat that could eliminate us all if we stood closely together.

    Walks over to the window and looks outside.

    Are there any non-stationary-plant lifeforms outside? AR = Average, DR = Average, Roll = 27, Result = Yes.

    Are there any lifeforms that look threatening? AR = Below Average, DR = Average, Roll = 1, Result = Exceptional yes. //… shit …

    Suddenly, Blaze says loudly Wow and voiddammit! That horned beast looks like it wants to have candle lit dinner with us. It’s just that we’re the dinner.

    Turning to Tuor, again Sir I’m not sure our pulse rifles will be able to do anything to that thing out there. I suggest we fly to another location. And fly over it a bit this time, so we can see if there’s another one of those. Or… looks through the window into the sky we can ask Verok to send a torpedo down here.

    Zac Turnez

    Hearing Blaze and stepping back away from the open airlock from which the drone was launched.

    Is the creature displaying threatening behaviour towards the ship or crew (//or does it just look big and threatening?) AR-Average; DR-Average; Roll-64; Result-No

    It doesn’t look like it has been disturbed by us yet, or even noticed us. Perhaps would could distract it, or spook it into running away? Do we have another drone aboard that we could use as a diversion of some kind? Perhaps we could provoke it into chasing it, crash the drone nearby to scare it off?

    Tuor Elanesse

    I ran inside with terror, dropped my inhaler when i saw the creature that Blaze spotted.

    Shit! what the hell was that? we need to revise the plan then aint we? Alright we ll do as Blaze planned, Lieutenant you take the lead. I got a medpack. I ll crush some sedatives and then we can wrap them with some plants outside and then throw at this creature till it eats one of them. I ll make a good dose so that it will pass out real quick. Mundy you do this operation please and do not kill this creature unless it threatens your life . we should not interfere with local life plus if it passes out we can catalogue it. Quinn take flora samples while we are trying to deal with this creature. Zac i like your plan but it seems the point you are showing is the opposite direction of the crash site. So we might need to split in two. Nhaima, Zac and I will go to the hills. Mundy, Quinn, Blaze you are the second group. Deal with the creature and catalogue flora and fauna. We ll regroup in here ETA 3 hours later. Then take a ride to the crash site. Anything happens, use your comms. Good luck! Where is my damn inhaler!


    // sorry, the subscription didn’t work so I missed new posting. Lemme catch up on things.

    Nhaima keyed the drone onto autopilot, having it track the creature for visual surveillance while spiraling upward like Turnez had directed. She lingered near the control console for long enough to check that she had configured the self-guidance correctly before heading aft. She clipped into web gear, pulled a rifle off the rack and 3 charge packs. She loaded one charger into the rifle, picked up a pistol and loaded that one as well. She holstered the pistol, slung the rifle, and started loading up the rest of her webbing with spare rations and a canteen.

    “Asking for that kind of fire support would be ill advised Lieutenant. Perhaps using the second shuttle in a close air support role, but we would need to bring the Viper into the atmosphere to bring the weapons in range. Still, avoiding the conflict at all would be preferable…. I’ll get up top anyway…”

    Nhaima cracked open the dorsal hatch for the shuttle, lifted herself into the airlock, and keyed for it to cycle. Once free to do so, she continued her climb up and out topside. She sat down, bracing the rifle in a standard seated firing position, and linked the rifle sight to her in-helmet heads up display. Moments later, she called back out over the comms.

    “Commander, we’ve got movement. Not sure if it’s interested in us, but it’s heading this way.”

    Did the creature start heading away? AR:Average DR:Average Roll=90, Exceptional No!


    With the creature running toward the shuttle, Quinn quickly looks around for any plant-life the creature might be interested in eating, as Tuor suggested. He finds a vibrantly colored “fruit” the size of his fist and runs back to the shuttle to take the sedatives from Tuor. He cuts a small hole in the rind and shoves them in, then throws the “fruit” in the direction of the approaching beast.

    Is the animal interested in the “fruit?” AR:Average DR:Average Roll=72, No

    Crap. It’s not taking the bait, sir. Maybe…

    Does Quinn have time to try the trick again before the beast gets too close?AR:Average DR:Average Roll=4, Exceptional Yes!

    The beast begins to slow its pace, but is still distinctly headed toward the ship. Quinn rushes to a storage hatch in the shuttle, pulls a ration pack out of a stowed container and rips open the packaging. He reshapes the malleable bar of glucose and vitamins around the sedatives and throws it.

    Is the animal interested this time? AR:Average DR:Average Roll=85, No

    It’s not working, sir, I think we’re going to need a plan B!

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