Mission: 19217-2237

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    Blaze Strife

    Blaze grunts, taps his knife and slowly exits the shuttle, pulse rifle ready.

    If it starts running again, I’m shooting.

    Cracks neck.

    Quinn, I think you should prepare us for lift off, as soon as you can.

    Stars walking slowly towards the creature.

    Through the helmet’s communications Nhaima, cover me.

    Does the animal turn towards Blaze? AR: Average, DR: Average, Roll: 25, Result: Yes.

    Rifle pointed downwards in his right hand, Blaze raises his left hand towards the creature, walking ever so slowly.

    Does the animal respond violently? AR: Average, DR: Average, Roll: 93, Result: Exceptional No. // I live! 😀

    The animal stops and turns it’s great horned head sideways, letting out a deep murmur.

    Quitely, through the communications We should be safe. Start walking, y’all.

    Zac Turnez

    Heading cautiously out of the shuttle, Zac takes point and leads the team past Blaze.

    I never knew you had such an effect on large alien creatures Blaze… you’re not related are you?

    Taking a bearing using his navigational equipment, Turnez continues to lead the way.

    Does the creature react as the party leave? AR-Average; DR-Average; Roll-100; Result-Exceptional No.

    The creature turns and begins grazing again, ignoring the party as it leaves.

    This way Commander. It’ll take us a couple of hours hiking, but the terrain looks pretty easy ahead.

    The team sets off…


    Zac Turnez

    SCENE 2

    Coming to the peak of the hill, Turnez pauses and looks down at his data pad.

    This looks a good spot Commander.


    Nhaima halted when Turnez ssaid their location was good. She did a quick visual scan of the area then settled into a patrol route a quarter of the way back down the hill so she could still see with most of the advantage from their elevated position yet would be able to intercept threats before it got to the commander and lieutenant.

    “We look clear Commander, situation green for the moment. Beginning my sweep.”

    Are there creatures in the area? AR: Average DR: Average Roll=72, No.

    Tuor Elanesse

    //After trekking across the planet, the team reach the peak of one of the hills. Scans indicate it to be a suitable location to set up the equipment.

    After a long trekking, Commander Tuor turned and looked at the vast area they ve just walked through. “I wonder what happened to that beast we have encountered” He said to himself. In these times he always finds himself thinking about the beauty of the nature and sublimity of the universe. “All these things has a purpose. even the littlest of the animals can affect the chain” He sighed. Took a deep breath and exhale. While he was taking a second one he just swallowed a bug what he believes to be a giant space mosquito.

    Good Lord! ptfffh! Ptfhhh! Damn you planet, give us a break! Okay lets set things up in here.

    Is there a geyser like natural structure nearby or a small water pond?
    AR: Average

    I ll take samples from that pond for microscobic life and pathogens. I am telling you it is a sheer luck we do not get Skaaran Hemotidrasis so far.

    Commandr took a sample from the pond and carefully placed it into his analyzer.

    Is there a new microscobic life on my sample?

    Well look what we got here! Most of the reading are the same with federation planets. So that means this planet has been visited by one of the federation races or even they created a settlement here. Maybe we are standing on a lost civilization. What is more interesting! i ve found a new pathogen which i believe it can only be found in the body N’tani people. This organism is so ancient that we need to get into decontamination room before enteirng the ship. I ll cross check them with N’tani blood samples.

    Do they match?
    DR: Average

    This is awesome. This planet hasn’t been catalogued by N’tani either but it seems they have lived on here. Very very long time ago probably so that they cannot even remember. Maybe this place was their birthplace. MAybe one of their early colonies before efficient space travel. We need archeological study of this planet. I am pretty sure this place was a trade center centuries ago.


    Has there been any been any deterioration in the local weather patterns? AR-Average; DR-Average; Roll-26; Result-Yes

    Is it a result of the storm system on the planet? AR-Above Average; DR-Average; Roll-8; Result-E. Yes

    Checking his data link with the drone deployed earlier, Turnez shakes his head.

    The wind has picked up. Atmospheric pressure has dropped rapidly over the past few hours too. I’d say from this data, it looks like that storm cell is heading inland.

    If we want to get to that impact size, we are going to have to get a move on here. That storm looked pretty severe as we flew in, and I doubt we’ll be able to fly through it if we get caught out. As good a pilot you are Quinn, I doubt the shuttle would stand up to such a battering.

    Turnez sets down his pack. Taking one of the equipment boxes for the monitoring station, he opens it and begins configuring the device.

    I’ll start setting up the sensor analysis software. If someone can set up the equipment whilst I do this? Its going to take some muscle to get that mast up especially if the windspeed continues to increase… Blaze you up for it? I suggest some else works on the transmission relay. We’ll need to make sure we get at least one transmission through to ensure everything is set correctly.

    Blaze Strife

    Aye, I’ll do it.

    Putting his rifle on his back, Blaze walks up to the mast and checks it see how it’s supposed to stand. After a brief overview, he grunts, picks the mast up on his shoulder, and carries it a few meters away.

    Stopping at a certain point, he looks around himself and taps the ground with his boot.

    This spot looks good.

    Using a grapple move that breaks the backs of people crushed with it, Blaze shoves the drill side of the mast into the ground.

    Does the mast stick in the ground? AR: Average, DR: Average, Roll: 46, Result: Yes.

    As the wind picks up, the mast starts to sway a bit, so Blaze has to hold it against the wind while working on the controls of the drill. Several seconds later, he hits the GO button and the drill activates, securing the mast in the ground.

    That should hold says Blaze, walking a few steps away from the mast, holding his hand out in case the mast starts to tip.

    Matthew Vaj

    Are there many plants to take samples from? AR = Above Average, DR = Average, Roll = 34, Result = Yes

    How long do you think we have, Turnez? I’ve gotten a lot of samples during the hike over here, but I’d like to get a bunch of samples from the immediate area as well.

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    Quinn hefts the case off his shoulder and onto the ground. He opens it and begins pulling out equipment to set up the transmission relay for the atmospheric monitoring suite. He sets the base of the unit on the ground near the mast and fits the communications dish on top. He plugs the unit into the nearby mast and begins to tap the small screen through a series of diagnostic tests, glancing up periodically at the darkening sky in the East.

    Anybody know what kind of windspeeds this thing can withstand?

    Quinn searches the case for a listing of specifications, finding a small, read-only datapad.

    Does he find any information on the unit’s durability? AR = Average, DR = Average, Roll = 53, Result = No

    There’s nothing in the book about it… I think we should probably reinforce it just to be safe.

    Did Quinn remember his handy multitool? AR = Average, DR = Average, Roll = 19, Result = Yes

    Is the case made of suitable material to be made into makeshift stakes? (material sciences) AR = Above Average, DR = Average, Roll = 46, Result = Yes

    Quinn uses the laser on his multitool to cut the carrying case into hook-shaped stakes. He uses a nearby rock to pound the stakes into the ground so that the hooks on top grab onto the lip at the base of the unit.

    Hopefully that’ll secure it enough. Mundy, how’s the transmission coming through?

    Adele Mundy

    Coming through loud and clear, Quinn. But the weather conditions could interfere soon. Best be about it.

    Zac Turnez

    Sensors are linked up. The data is recording and set to transmit periodically.

    Does the current feed provide any more data about the storm front? AR-Above Average; DR-Average; Roll-32; Result-Yes

    Are the results of the data positive? AR-Below Average; DR-Average; Roll-52; Result-No

    I’ve picked up some more data now that we have the equipment set. It doesn’t look good sir. That storm is going to hit in the next few hours and hit hard. From what I know of this equipment, it should stand up to the higher speed winds – its designed to withstand extreme conditions. The comm link might be disrupted during the storm, but the sensors should continue to record. Even if the setup is destroyed, the sensor recorder itself can stand up to virtually any environment so we can still recover them even if we lose the setup.

    Finishing up with his data pad, Turnez packs up his pack and hefts it onto his back

    We are going to have to get a move on. I don’t think we can make it to the impact site this time. Remote flying the shuttle to us isn’t going to be an option either. I can’t guarantee we can maintain a stable uplink with the shuttle’s sensors to be able to successfully guide it to our location. In an emergency we might be able to hop it closer, but I would strongly recommend against it.

    Adele Mundy

    I agree with Turnez, it looks like that storm is intensifying. Time to head back, the sensors will provide plenty of data.


    “Understood,” sung out Nhaima from her patrol route

    “ETA to the summit, two minutes, then ready to make the return trek. Skyhawk-1 hasn’t reported anything out of the ordinary, should be a clear trip back.”

    Tuor Elanesse

    commander collected his equipments and nade sure no one left anything important on site.

    Lets go ! Lets go! we need to go faster. leave the things you do not need. our army is rich can supply you with new ones. shovels, extra clothes etc. leave them. double speed guys ! if we are lucky we can take off. counting on you quinn!


    The team make their way away from the atmospheric monitoring station and towards their shuttles landing site. The wind whips around them as they head from the summit into the valley below. Looking ahead, the huge stormfront can be seen rolling toward the land, the rising smoke from the impact zone now virtually invisible against the mass of clouds.


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