Inhabitants of the Spiral Arm

The United Space-Faring Planets

Since it was first formed by the Founding Civilisations in the mid-22nd century, the USFP has grown and governs hundreds of star systems with members from hundreds of different alien races. A peaceful democracy, the USFP aims to unify the alien races for mutual benefit and protection.

The Hegemony

The Hegemony is made up of an alliance between three main alien races: the Kraliens, the Torgoths and the Arvonians. They are also supported by the Skaraan corporations.

The Kraliens are a deeply religious race. They hold the belief that their gods granted them ownership of the entire universe and strive to eliminate the presence of other alien races, or gather tithes from those who wish to reside within it. As a result, they are often at war with other races.

The Arvonians are a technologically advanced race. They aim to live in harmony with the universe, and respect all living and sentient creatures. This also extends to Artificial Intelligence, and the Arvonians consider all computer to be sentient. This belief extends from “The Supreme Understander”; the super computer built to rule over the Arvonian race.

The Torgoth have a diplomatic system similar to the USFP, however those within power are considered warmongers who continue to wage war with other alien races in order to maintain their control.

The Skaraans are based upon a corporate structure, offering military services to other alien races. They have the most advanced military technology of all the main powers, with technologies such as cloaking devices and advanced manoeuvring systems. This makes them a dangerous foe, however they rarely make war due to the costs involved, preferring instead to support other alien races and reaping the benefit through payments of services.

Minor Factions

There are a number of other factions and alien races which reside within the TSN Universe. These include independent human and alien star systems and nomadic races. Although some are hostile to the USFP and TSN forces, many communicate with the USFP for trade, or to create temporary alliegences for mutual benefit.

An alien species residing close to USFP space.

  • N’Tani

A peaceful, nomadic alien race, the N’Tani travel as small tribes, moving from system to system bringing trade from travels beyond USFP space. Their exact origins are unknown but they were first encountered by the TSN ships patrolling the border regions in lower arc of the Orion spur. They can often been seen entering the main trading ports in the Cerberus System, and are known for the exotic alien artefacts and stories of other races and systems.


Numeraous space-dwelling creatures reside within the galaxy, many of the studied by scientists from the USFP, or hunter for sport by factions such as the Torgoth.