An Arvonian fighter squadron leader

The Arvonians are a humanoid race most remarkable for their chameleon-like skin pigmentation. They prefer to run curving patterns of very bright colors across their faces, giving them a dazzling appearance that most humans find attractive. Arvonian males and females have the same slender build. Their culture is matriarchal, so their space ship captains and fighter squadron leaders are often women.

The Arvonian people regard their Royal Family fondly. A century ago the Arvonian race was united under the benevolent rule of Queen Sansha. As their culture spread to the stars governing became too complex for Sansha, so she decreed the construction of a super-intelligent master computer to assist her. That computer, whose name translates to “The Supreme Understander,” now runs the entire Arvonian government, deciding everything from war strategies to parking tickets.

Arvonian City

A Royal Palace on an Arvonian world

Most humans think of Arvonian society as a computer-controlled dystopia, yet the Arvonians adore The Supreme Understander. In fact, they revere all computers and refuse to put them in danger. Whenever a TSN torpedo or Torgoth drone is fired Arvonians weep for the weapon’s onboard computer callously sent on a one-way mission. Thus the Arvonians use manned fighters instead of automated missiles.

Arvonians also love space whales. If they see you harm a space whale the Arvonians will fight to the death rather than allow you to live.

Created by Mike Substelny