The Terran Stellar Navy

The Terran Stellar Navy (TSN) is the military arm of the USFP. Created by humanity, the core of the TSN is formed of elite crews and relatively small fleets of highly sophisticated warships.  The TSN’s primary mission is the protection of the USFP and its star systems. In addition to this, the TSN also participates in diplomatic, scientific and exploration missions.

Organisation of the TSN

Command Stucture

The President of the USFP is considered to be the Supreme Commander of the TSN and is ultimately responsible for the actions of the TSN Fleets. A Central Command organisation assists the Supreme Commander with the management of the TSN; relaying orders to the Fleets, managing logistics and supplies, research and development of the TSN and gathering intelligence. There are three heads of Central Command, all of which hold the rank of Star Admiral, who run the Central Command offices for the Supreme Commander.

Included within TSN Central Command are several offices and agencies that support fleet operations. These include the intelligence, research and development and logistical offices, as well as a number of other agencies. The Intelligence offices primary role is to gather and distribute vital information about enemy forces to officers in the fleet. The Logistical offices provide the support that keeps the ships operation; from manufacturing ships and weapons, to providing food for crews. The Research and Development offices of the TSN. strive to improve the operational efficiency of the TSN fleet, by improving equipment, or developing new technologies.

TSN Fleets

There are two main TSN fleets in operations; the 1st Fleet and the 2nd Fleet. The TSN also operates a reserve fleet, which can be called upon in times of war to support the 1st and 2nd Fleets. The 1st and 2nd Fleets operate within areas of USFP space, with the divisions within those fleets deployed to protect and patrol the various star systems.

Each Fleet is under the command of an officer ranking Fleet Admiral. Each Fleet Admiral is supported by a Command Staff and form the Fleet HQ. The main Battle Divisions of the Fleet are commanded by officers ranking Admiral and Rear-Admiral, and Light Divisions are often commanded by Rear-Admirals and Captains. Those given command of a Division are given the title Division Commander. Each Division Commander is supported by a small number of senior officers appointed as Division Command Staff.


A fleet consists of smaller formations of ships called Divisions. There are two main types of Division – Battle Divisions and Light Divisions. The Battle Divisions consist of heavier TSN ship types, such as Dreadnaughts and Battleships. They form the main defensive fleets of the TSN and are often deployed to protect the most important assets of the USFP, or on the main border regions and frontlines.

The Light Divisions are smaller formations of ships, made up of lighter vessels such as the Light Cruisers and Scouts. Often there are only one or two battleships assigned to a Light Division, and on a rare occasion a single Dreadnaught may be temporarily assigned to support the Division during a particular campaign or mission. Light Divisions are deployed to patrol border regions and USFP controlled space. They are often used as a light defensive force, protecting the edges of USFP space and maintaining peace and security.

The 1st Fleet

Formed in 2175 to defend the USFP against the Kralien threat, the 1st Fleet is considered to be the pride of the TSN. The 1st Fleet has a long and proud tradition and its history includes some of the most greatest heroes of the TSN.

The 2nd Fleet

After the first Torgoth incursion ended in 2191, it was decided that a a second fleet was required to provide sufficient defense against further attacks. The 2nd Fleet was created soon after, in the year 2194.

The Reserve Fleet

The Reserve Fleet consists of reserve officers and ships which can be called upon to support the main TSN Fleets. Although the Reserve Fleet is made up of voluntary reserve officers, they are highly trained and professional and have supported the main TSN Fleets on a number of actions.