Caltrons are mechanical constructs that recently appeared in TSN space. They are associated with spacetime rifts and with singularities. They are aggressive, and communication with them has proved unsuccessful so far. They appear as single units, or join in multiple of up to twelve. As Caltrons combine, they become more dangerous than the sum of their component units.

TSN Ships in the Euphini sector have encountered larger conglomerations of Caltrons, currently known as “Clusters” or “Superclusters”. The number of Caltron units in their composition has not been determined. Sensor scans have found that Superclusters have shields in the 2000 range; they are also less mobile than Caltron fighting units, and appear to act more as bases, from which fighting units detach.

Recent encounters with Caltrons have led to speculation that they are weapons, built by an unknown civilization that predates the existence of humanity. This civilization built a weapon that could rip open the fabric of space; it would then send the Caltrons through the rift to conquer and destroy anything they encountered.