TSN 2nd Fleet

The 2nd Fleet is located in the lower arc of the Orion Spur with the Fleet HQ posted in the Atlantis System.


The 2nd Fleet was created in 2194 in response to increased threats from alien races such as the Kraliens and Torgoths. It grew in size during the Second Torgoth Incursion partipating in a number of actions, but mainly acting in a defensive capacity, or in support of the 1st Fleet. At this time, the 2nd Fleet consisted of only one Battle Division and 4 Light Divisions.

At the onset of the Unakalhai Uprising, the 1st Fleet was becoming increasingly stretched, and the 2nd Fleet was called upon to provide greater support and mainline actions. Ship production was increased and the 2nd Fleet equiped with heavier vessels and assigned more personnel. After the Unakalhai Uprising ended, the 2nd Fleet had expanded to include 3 Battle Divisions and 2 Light Divisions.

During the First Spiral Arm War, the 2nd Fleet played a major part in the actions, and the 2nd Fleet’s divisions gained a number of honours and commendations for their actions during the war. At the end of the War the 2nd Fleet consisted of 5 Battle Divisions and 3 Light Division, the strongest it had been since its initial formation.

The Second Spiral Arm War saw the near destruction of many of the 2nd Fleets divisions. The Divisions of the 2nd Fleet were involved in some of the most severe fighting encountered during the War, and lost many of its ships and crews. Since then, the 2nd Fleet has been rebuilding its strength with the formation of new Divisions and the reorganisation of the ships and crews.

2nd Fleet Divisions 

The 2nd Fleet has seven Divisions, deployed in various systems in the lower arc of the Orion Spur. The high number of Light Divisions is due to losses incurred during the Second Spiral Arm War.

1st Battle Division

Division Commander – Admiral Coates

2nd Battle Division

Division Commander – Admiral D’Rani

3rd Battle Division

Division Commander – Rear-Admiral Blacks

1st Light Division

Division Commander – Rear-Admiral Bennett

2nd Light Division

Division Commander – Captain Davans

3rd Light Division

Division Commander – Captain Heyes

4th Light Division

Division Commander – Captain Xavier Wise

Marine Detachment

Commanding Officer – Colonel Baker