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    Mission Objective: Capture intelligence information from adandoned Kralien station.

    Details: Your team has been inserted via shuttle craft via a docking point. There are no life signs on the station; all enemy forces adandoned the station. Find and download vital intel from the the core computer system.


    (D100 Dice roller Link)





    (Scene Document)


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    Blaze Strife

    Are the airlock door functioning? AR – High. DR – Average. Roll – 76. Result – No.

    Can I force them open? AR – Above Average. DR – Average. Roll – 11. Result Exceptional Yes.

    Blaze floats to the airlock door and inspects them. After trying to press a few commands, he realizes the door are not functioning. The power to them must have been cut.

    Inspecting them further, he sees the airlock door are not actually locked, with anything, so he grabs them and pushes them using his great strength. The door slowly opens.

    There we go.

    Zac Turnez

    Does the airlock lead to a corridor? AR – High; DR – Average; Roll – 73: Result – Yes

    Is the corridor empty? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 40; Result – Yes

    Slapping Blaze on the back, Turnez floats through into a corridor. Scanning around with his suits torch, the corridor is devoid of anything of interest, just the odd mote of dust and debris floating in the beam of light.

    Good work Lt. Looks like it is all clear here. Come on through.

    He waits, floating in the emptyness as the other officers make their way through the airlock to join him.

    So, which way do we go?


    Does the station follow a standard Kralien construction pattern? AR High, Diff average. 94 = no

    Are emergency lights still trying to guide the evacuation? AR Low, Diff average 40 = no

    Nhaima crossed through the airlock next, her eyes scanning the immediately visible corridor while quickly cross-referencing this information with the database she had apparently prepared

    “Sir, this station doesn’t seem to conform to any known Kralien construction pattern. If we entered here,” she pointed with her gloved finger to the upper section on the secondary hull, “then there should be an emergency damage control panel 12 meters down the corridor right after the access panel for this primary battery carriage and gun director… but there’s no access panel and from the inside that looks more like a point defense beam than one for the primary battery… I’m going to need a minute to sort this out unless someone has a better idea.”

    She did another quick scan of the hallway, noting light strips that could be used to guide the crew to life pods in case of an emergency but it looks like they’d been dead for some time

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    I’m guessing the layout has engineering more to aft and control functions centre and forward. Since we came in on the port side, I would head left and look for a right-hand turn towards the core.

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    Is there a terminal nearby that can be activated via a battery? AR – Exceptional. DR – Average. Roll –69 . Result Exceptional No.

    Can any schematics or blueprints of the station be found? AR – High. DR – Average. Roll – 57. Result No.

    Zelreich looks around for a terminal to look up schematics of the station. Not only does he not find one, he hits his head on a partially open door. After a brief recovery, he resigns to looking for datapads or documents with the facility layout, however, he can not find any.

    Blaze Strife

    Let’s proceed to the next intersection, then.

    Blaze pushes himself to the end of the corridor, and peeks at the left and right hallways.

    Are both hallways clear enough to pass through? AR – Average. DR – Average. Roll – 77. Result – No.

    Roll d2 to determine which one is blocked – the left hallway is blocked off.

    Well, looks like there’s only one way we can go says Blaze, pointing to the right. The left corridor is filled with debris and other shit.

    Zac Turnez

    Are there any access points along the right corridor? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 91; Result – Exp. No

    Are there any console that could provide an interface? AR – Average; DR – Average; Roll – 31; Result – Yes

    As they glide along the right hand corridor, no access panels or passages ways lead off the corridor

    Dammit, this place is a maze!

    Spotting a terminal on the wall, Turnez glides up to it, securing himself and looking at the blank screen.

    What do you think? Could we use a power link from our suits to power this up? Perhaps we could at least access some kind of map of this facility and find the central computer core.


    Knowing the station was derelict, did Matsiyan think to bring a portable power supply? AR = Above Average; DR = Average; Roll = 43; Result = Yes

    Can he adapt the power supply outputs to successfully activate the console? AR = High (Power Mgmt Expert); DR = Average; Roll = 82; Result = No

    Not sure if the suits have a suitable adapter, but I brought along a portable generator from the standard engineering away kit. Matsiyan neatly steadies himself gripping the sides of the console with his feet while he unslings the generator satchel. He floats unconcernedly upside down as he levers off an access panel and fiddles with a cable. After a minute or two he mutters something explosive but unclear.
    No luck, I think it may have been damaged by whatever caused the obstruction up the hallway.


    “I guess we’re doing this the old-fashioned way everyone. Let’s get moving and see if we can reactivate the station’s reactor.”

    Can we head down the corridor safely? AR = Average; DR = Average; Roll = 5; Result = Exceptional Yes

    Zelreich motions for everyone to follow him, and they head down the passage. They come to a door at the end of the passage. It is closed, and since the airlock doors were not operable, it is unlikely this door is as well.

    Zelreich looks over at Blaze.

    “Blaze can you open that door for us?”

    Blaze Strife

    I’ll try, sir.

    Floats to the door, secures himself at the wall and grabs the door.

    Can I force open another door? AR – Average. DR – Below Average. Roll – 44. Result – Yes.

    Straining his muscles and panting in his helmet, Blaze slowly opens the door. Once they are fully opened, they seem to lock in place and stay that way.

    Door opened, sir.


    “Let’s get moving then.”

    Zelreich takes point, sidearm pointed down at the ground, but ready just in case of attack.

    Are their any maps of the station, of any kind, in the room?
    AR = Average; DR = Average; Roll = 61; Result = No.

    Unfortunately, there are no maps of the station here either.

    Zac Turnez

    Hold up. I’ve got an idea.

    These emergency lights, they’ll run through the whole station and are likely connected to the same power source. That means it’s potentially one big network of lighting and relays. It should be possible to link up to the power grid and send a burst through it with a low enough signal not to short out the relays. If we can track that burst through the network, we might just be able to build up a map of the station. Our shuttle’s sensors are pretty weak, but this close to the station, we should be able to get a reading and have it relayed to our datapads.

    What do you think Matsiyan? Could we use that generator and rig it up to create the burst? I should be able to get the sensors of the shuttle active from here to track the signal. If not, I’ll have to head back and do it manually from the shuttle’s control panel.

    Adele Mundy

    Mundy is following along, concentrating on the zero-G movement for now. She’ll stay out of the way of Zelreich’s gun, since that is the greatest danger she currently identifies, given that no life signs were detected on board.

    //I’m guessing, following our discussion in the OOC Briefing Room, that I don’t have to make rolls for activities that are unopposed and covered by our basic skill training.


    So that’s why you’re a sensor analyst, Turnez. chuckles You would know more about the sensor side. It does sound feasible. If we can find an undamaged and un-isolated device, the generator output can be attenuated to the right level. We may need to send out a sequence of pulses. Those lighting power relay capacitors they use may soak up the pulse until fully charged. The side effect is we would have lighting running for a while as well. Unless they have done something funky with the power circuits as well as the station defence armament, that should work. It is extremely unlikely to damage anything and we can retry, even if we have to find some kind of manual for the local systems.

    See if you can remote into the shuttle while I program the low power pulses into the generator. Someone find me a device to hack into.

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