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    Is the damage control panel still functional? AR: Normal, DR: Low – 26 == yes

    Nhaima scanned about, pushing herself through the corridor until she had a thought. Deftly, she flipped herself around and made way towards the airlock where the shuttle had docked. When that came into view, she worked her way carefully towards the damage control panel she had called out earlier. She activated the mag-lock on her boots and, anchored in front of her objective, began tinkering with the panel. She inserted the blade of her knife into the beveled edge surrounding the face plate and pried the metal facade away, securing it to the wall with a bit of tape. She then produced her flashlight and unloaded its power cell. Carefully she extricated some wires that looked like they contained a single circuit and linked each end to the cell. The wires took on a soft red glow as heat passed through the slightly shorted-out circuit.

    Lieutenant, over here! Looks like this is still in working order, as long as we didn’t need that button.


    Let me see.
    Matsiyan restows the generator satchel close to his centre of mass. With a finger tap he orients himself and with an apparently thoughtless toe shove launches himself back down the corridor towards Nhaima. With a familiarity born of long years as an apprentice engineer on ECS merchantmen, he forward rolls in midair and collapses softly onto outstretched legs. He examines the opened panel and wires.

    That, Ensign, will do very nicely. Here, go ahead and clip these on.
    He pulls the satchel in front of him, uncoils a connector cable with gecko connectors on the end and passes it to Nhaima. He taps a few times inside the open satchel flap.

    Ready when you are, Turnez!

    Zac Turnez

    Turnez taps some commands on the datapad interface on his wrist. He types quickly, accessing the shuttle’s sub-systems remotely and setting up an active sensor sweep.

    The sensors are ready. I’ll activate it as we build up the charge. We’ll have to be careful with the pulses. If any local relays burn out it’ll mean we only get a partial map. Even so, it might actually give us an idea of the layout of this deck.

    With a map, we’ll be able to figure out the main access routes to get to the central core. From here, we have no way of bypassing all the security protocols. But if we can get close enough to an integral part of the main systems, say Main Engineering or even the Command Center itself, we should be able to hack in to the core more directly and secure any key data stored on there.


    Nhaima took the connectors and quickly scanned the console. If she had needed to understand the specific hardware functionality to attempt a physical intrusion of their network, she might have been uncertain. Thankfully, all species seem to have a concept that power is important and should be appropriately labeled, so with several long breaths and a few passes of the exposed wiring, she came across a port that matched the cable connectors Matsiyan had given her. She pulled the cords from the panel, severed the head on her cable, and began patching them together behind thankfully insulated gloves. They made it slow work, but safe.

    Finally, all was said and done and she clicked the power supply feed back into place.

    “Alright sir, I think we’re ready here. Give it a go when you’re ready.”


    Here goes.
    Matsiyan activates the generator low power pulse sequence at 2 Hz and about one tenth the estimated power needed to activate the lighting circuits.

    Do the lights come on? AR = Expert/High; DR = Below Average; Roll = 84; Result = Yes

    He watches the pulse indicator on the generator flash calmly twice per second. After several seconds he looks intently down the corridor, muttering under his breath.

    Eighteen elephant…

    The Kralien vertical light panels, of some translucent plastic, glow softly red for about three seconds. Matsiyan slowly increases the power and frequency by about fifty percent and the light strips come back on and glow steadily.

    That should be right on the lower limit of what is needed to power the nearby lights. Not sure how far it will reach before it attenuates, until they blink, ever more slowly as the power is absorbed. But the pulses should now be running through the power circuitry, everywhere connected.

    Turnez, are the sensors picking up anything?

    Zac Turnez

    Does the sensor data show a signal? AR = Above average; DR = Average; Roll = 18; Result = E. Yes

    Does the pulse register beyond the current deck? AR = Average; DR = Average; Roll = 70; Result = No

    Watching the data track in from the shuttle’s sensors, Turnez grins.

    Got a strong signal coming through. This data is building a good map of our current deck.

    I am not getting anything beyond this deck though. Either the relays are out or the pulse is fading too much over the distance. We could try increasing the output or the cycle of the pulses. What do you think Matsiyan?

    Matthew Vaj

    We could also try to find a way to another deck and repeat what we’ve done here.


    Does boosting the pulse strength increase the reach of the sensor mapping? AR = Expert/High; DR = Average; Roll = 63; Result = Yes

    You are right, Vaj. We’ll try that if this does not work. Wait one, please.

    Matsiyan doubles the power in the pulses, taking it to about one third expected for full activation of devices and keeps the frequency at 3 Hz. The shimmering web of sensor traces extends beyond the current deck, outlining what seems to be most of the station with dark spots that might correspond to major power sinks.


    Is the command deck on this level? AR=Low; DR = Average; Roll = 36; Result = No

    Does the map show us where the command deck is? AR = Below Average; DR = Average; Roll = 27; Result = Yes

    Nhaima pulled out her pad and started scanning the information being fed back from the energy pulses. As she searched, she casually keyed her boots’ power and began to float back into the corridor as she no longer needed to be locked to the ground.

    “I’m not seeing it yet….” she snarled at herself, scanning over and over the same area before hissing and keying at her pad again. She began to rotate the focus of her mapping to those around them until she halted.

    “Lieutenant? I’m seeing a large spike in circuitry about two decks down followed by a dead zone…. It looks heavily insulated…. I’m not sure whether that’s the reactor or their C&C, but either way that’s good for us.”

    She flipped herself so she was oriented in the same direction as Matsiyan, then tapped away from the wall and drifted over to him. As she got close, she reached out and caught his upper arm to stabilize their cumulative momentum then handed him her pad to share her results in the hopes he would concur

    Zac Turnez

    That looks a good option to me. I suggest we go and take a look.

    Turnez begins to move off down the corridor towards the next hatch.


    Zac Turnez

    SCENE 2

    Turnez switches his mag-boots to active, anchoring himself to the deck, and looks at the data pad on his wrist. He checks the map carefully, tracing out the route again to be sure it is correct. Looking up, a heavy, armoured door with Kralien script running vertically down it blocks the way. A small terminal next to it looks like an interface but is clearly dead. Only the soft red glow of emergency ligting and the white beams of light from the suits helmets lights the area.

    This is it. This is where the black spot on the map is. Can anyone read that Kralien script and figure out where we’ve ended up? And any ideas on how to get access? That terminal looks like it might be for entering an access code, but with it dead, we can’t even start to activate the systems.

    Adele Mundy

    Mundy approaches

    It ought to be straightforward Kralien…

    Can I read the Kralien?
    Confident in Xenolinguistics and Alien Cultural Studies, AR = High; DR = Below Average (a sign on a door is intended to be immediately clear); Roll = 44 Result = Yes.

    Is this the Command Deck with the core computer system?
    Unopposed question: AR = Above Average (we have reduced the chances of it being elsewhere by mapping most of the station) DR = Average; Roll = 41 Result = Yes

    Are there instructions by the door or the terminal on how to open or close the door manually in case of emergency?
    Unopposed question: AR = Above Average; DR = Average; Roll = 51; Result = Yes

    Mundy translates out loud:
    Command Centre; Authorised Personnel Only; now, with the power down… according to standard safety protocols for Kralien vessels, there ought to be an emergency access mechanism…
    She looks at a smaller panel by the door
    And here it is.
    Translates again
    In the event of power failure, open here.

    She reaches down to the small panel, and opens it. There is a small lever inside.

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