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    Blaze Strife

    So, my question to you all is this: how important to you is the role-playing in this group?

    I’ve started playing with you all exactly a year ago (6216-2237) and have stayed because of the RP, not the game itself. But in the last months I’ve witnessed many people breaking from the RP and causing havoc which would not be so blatantly allowed in a military organization IN SPACE. Why caps lock on “in space”? A military on ground or sea is strict and disciplined, even though you can run away. How do you run away in space, without kidnapping a whole space ship, like what happened to TSN Hydra. And after suffering such a loss, why would we allow anything other than complete discipline?

    I’m rambling, I know. But I’m angry.

    So that’s why I ask you all: how important is the RP to you? Is it just something to add a little bit of a flavour to the game? Is it a nuisance? Or is it the main reason you play with this group of people?

    I feel that there are several people who think of the RP here as a nuisance, and refuse to conform to the group. If that’s something we tolerate or not is decided by the group and by it’s leader. Currently, we tolerate it, laugh at it, go with it. So I’d like it we gave a clear definition of how important RP really is to us.

    This might be bad to do, but I’ll call out some names, right now. And when I say punish, I mean in an RP way, like a temporary demotion, toilet scrubbing or something else.

    Do we punish van Leigh for all he’s been doing? The repeated changing of names of all officers on TSN Phoenix, the friendly fire on simulations, and other general annoyances.

    Do we punish Slate for never stating her rank?

    Do we punish Allard for behaving the way he does? Performing Allard manouvers, picking up mines and endagering the crew, ignoring DO’s instructions.

    Do we require from every Commander to be reevaluated after taking a long break? Do we demote some people if they are not up to par with others of their rank? This is primarily aimed at Tuor, and is also connected to RP, because if role-playing is in full effect, we could make a formal complaint about his success rate of simulated missions.

    Also, if a senior officer doesn’t feel like being CO or XO for a particular shift, that person can always RP as another character of a lower rank.

    This post in not completely coherent, because I didn’t bother designing it to be carefully constructed in a specific order, so I’ll ask here again: how important is RP to us? To what degree do we RP? Am I the problem because I want to RP so much?

    Blaze Strife

    Well, now that I’ve calmed down, I’ve remembered another thing we can do, if we choose to, to those that break the RP: we can ask them to stop doing it. And then punish only those that ignore the appeal.


    I will state, we are the TSN RP Community. Though not everyone engages fully in the RP, it does need to be our primary focus. Those not fully engaging I feel should respect that, and as a result avoid breaking character with OOC references as often as possible. I am not perfect at it myself, but I do try to maintain my character and like it when others help reinforce that. (Matsiyan helped correct me when I talked OOC to the bridge crew durig the shift, which I appreciated)


    I return for the people and friendships. Each ship in the TSN has its own flavor, from music selection to how the crew responds to orders. Is it humorous? Is it serious? Does its crew discuss ship and fleet tactics and mission objectives? Does its crew follow full TSN protocols?

    I’m happy with the crew of the Phoenix. We have master-level people that know how to make the ship dance through combats, and a level of role play that suits me. We fly with a nice mix of caustic and dark humor, critique, and all-out seriousness for the protection and usage of our ship. There’s even singing sometimes. And some “let’s all be someone else for a bit”. It’s silly. It’s fun. I’m happy with it.

    Adele Mundy

    I enjoy the RP, which is one reason I keep reading and writing logs, and going to the Bar. I can go along on a ship with little or no RP, but I prefer the suspension of disbelief to be maintained.

    It’s more difficult to maintain RP through sims, I find, because then we’re playing officers who are pretending to be on a mission. It stands to reason the atmosphere on the bridge wouldn’t be quite as tense.

    Fish Evans

    Blaze, you are a good officer, I like you, still do after reading that. But I will point out that perhapse you need to take a few steps back .. walk around and look at a few other angles as well. let me go through and hit a few of the points you have raised…

    Do we punish van Leigh for all he’s been doing? The repeated changing of names of all officers on TSN Phoenix, the friendly fire on simulations, and other general annoyances.

    so you have noticed the Phoenix is a much more non RP ship, you know what aside from when it starts messing up other ships deliberiatly. thats fine all those people changing names… well they all did it… that kind of indicates they are all in on it.. and well thats by design. if there are no complaints from the ship, and no reasonable complaints about the ship hurting the RP of others then I see no issue. the deliberate FF thing? unless there has been a more recent issue Mr Leigh made a public appolige about it to the group and thats that.

    and by reasonalbe I mean can you really see a name tag through two ship hulls and 1000’s of units of space? im not about to let that worry me.

    Do we punish Slate for never stating her rank?

    No, considering the numorus F’ups that happen every rollcall besides at this point. besides you can RP around that nooooooooo problem. (shes under orders, its tradition)

    Do we punish Allard for behaving the way he does? Performing Allard manouvers, picking up mines and endagering the crew, ignoring DO’s instructions.

    There are more facets to this particular issue then is widely known. All I will say is that he was the XO of Horizon, a position he more then earned at the time. this is not likely to change in the med term.

    Do we require from every Commander to be reevaluated after taking a long break?

    Yes Tour was a CO, hes acting as an XO to get up to speed – we hope. we have also been considering a number of options around this – you may of noticed a few people with differnt colours behind the rank insgnia from time to time. we havent decided on a system as of yet. and indeed what it will mean. nobody is getting demoted with out cause and lets face it. a situation where a hypathetical senior officer is premoted past the point of compitance? that happens allll the time in the real world. I dont see why we should not have our own share.

    Also, if a senior officer doesn’t feel like being CO or XO for a particular shift, that person can always RP as another character of a lower rank.

    Yes they can, and yes they do, they also as any good CO or XO do is step back and evaluate lower ranks and give them a chance to show there own guises and issues give them a chance to grow. has this been happening a lot over the last few mounths? you bet theres CO and XO slots that have been opening for a while. I didnt just decide to leave as the Horizons CO overnight my intentions where layed out before we even hit December. and I am fairly sure we aint done with the changes yet.


    The past is a strange place, there once was a group that split from the TSN. ths split was on idelogical ground and basicly was RP over “beating artemis”. the group that split away “Beat” the game pretty much over the couse of the year and disbanded. Artemis is not too hard a game. the TSN is still here becuase we RP, becuase we impose limitations on what we will and will not allow, and due to its wide appeal.

    the Intel department make missions and campaignes to be played and enjoyed by a wide audiance, if that audiance becomes too small the joy of creation and shareing that powers it will drain away – or at least will for me, im not spending 2 – 20 hours a week on making a one shot mission for 5 or even 10 peeps. The artemis community is not big nuff for us to be too picky about the people we play with. I think in the whole histroy of the TSN we have kicked out about 3 people. and one was becuase he was DDoSing the server.

    I will end this with a quick note.. I am not well right now. I am up late and I might regret a few of the things I have put in here – or worded them more harshly then I intended. hell theres a part of me saying I should not post here at all.. still I have and am. and I genuinly hope to see every person in this thread and mentioned in this thread next shift when im hopefuly not trying to cough my lungs up.

    John van Leigh

    Before Fish replied here I considered to just let this message go, as there were very few answers that wouldn’t be confrontational, and those would be way too noncommittal. I’m not fine with that, and I most definetely don’t agree with what you wrote; but now that we have a proper, messured response by someone else I can build with that.

    I was one of the founders of the old USN, the group that split from the TSN. That gives me a different perspective on some things, from combat doctrine to the value of roleplay, and what keeps the community running. The USN succeeded in what we wanted to do: to beat the game, to find new ways of doing stuff, and to bring a change in the way some things were done in the TSN that we didn’t agree on, but this is not the place to discuss this one.

    I firmly believe that the TSN wouldn’t be here today if Xavier had an habit of killing dissent. I’m pretty vocal about my many, many disagreements with him, and my ego is big enough to assume my tactical and strategic theories are more valid; but there’s one thing to be said about the fleet captain: he always respected my way of doing things. He didn’t shoot down my promotion into command because of those arguments, and he gives some genuine thought to my ideas even though he has something else in mind, even when I’m being an ass about it.

    All ships have their own way of running. The group as a whole gets a lot from that. This allows the more relaxed people to be on a friendly environment without ruinning your fun; and it also prevents the most heavy roleplayers to play as they want without killing the mood for the less RP oriented. This system works much better than just telling half the group, whichever half, to suck it; and the proof is that nowadays we have the TSN; while the USN came and went once its main mission was accomplished.

    I’m proud of my relaxed crew. Phoenix is a place to joke around with friends. We will mess around, and we still will manage to pull as much weight as any other ship. If someone who doesn’t share our inclinations comes to our ship we can try and make it less painful for them, but our bridge crew ought to remain our dear ragtag buch of misfits, because that’s our way to roll.

    I also believe that one of my duties as a captain is to protect my crew. If we get out of hand, as we did during the FF incident a long time ago, it is my personal responsibility and not that of my crew, and that’s why I apologized about it, publicly, during the next shift’s debrief. And we totally stepped out of line, because our messing around started to affect other ships.

    But the crew tags? So far, none of us used a fake tag outside the ship. I really don’t see an internal joke becoming a division wide issue. None of us was forced into it, and my crew is always welcome to raise their objections to me, or even to present a transfer request, should they feel that our bridge is not their place.

    How do you run away in space, without kidnapping a whole space ship, like what happened to TSN Hydra. And after suffering such a loss, why would we allow anything other than complete discipline?

    Because it’d be allowing storyline to take precedence over group leadership when establishing policy. The stricter discipline was part of the arc where Cessna and I stole the Hydra, embodied in the NSD.

    Do we punish Slate for never stating her rank?

    This can be addressed by the DO during the briefing, as that’s the officer in charge on enforcing protocol. But, don’t you think you’re going a tad too far, recommending a punishment in the same post you considered a temporary demotion a valid option? Even in character, that’s a tiny thing. When I, in character, caused a security breach, I only got a temporary loss of seniority, so the scale doesn’t work. At all.

    Do we punish Allard for behaving the way he does? Performing Allard manouvers, picking up mines and endagering the crew, ignoring DO’s instructions.

    The evaluation of what constitutes danger to the crew is largely Captain’s prerrogative; and if his CO is fine with letting him on helm, it is beyond my rights to mess with that. As per his ignoring the Duty Officer, it was adressed. I don’t believe there was a new instance of the DO’s authority being breached, but if there is, as I already said when this was raised, feel free to bring it up to my attention, that of the fleet captain, or to the acting division commander.

    Do we require from every Commander to be reevaluated after taking a long break? Do we demote some people if they are not up to par with others of their rank?

    This was discussed, in lenght, about half a year ago, when we reformed the rank system. The post in question should still be hanging around the Div Development forums, and it’s public access.

    Also, if a senior officer doesn’t feel like being CO or XO for a particular shift, that person can always RP as another character of a lower rank.

    We do that, a lot. Xavier has his Turnez alt. When I was a prisoner during the NSD arc, I created an alt, Ensign Ricky, and nobody raised any eyebrows. We could write more formal guidelines for the creation of alts, but this isn’t urgent enough to deserve inmediate attention.

    To top this off, I believe the most important thing you wrote is actually this:

    If that’s something we tolerate or not is decided by the group and by it’s leader. Currently, we tolerate it, laugh at it, go with it.

    If my personal actions affect the experience other people get from the group, I’m open to hear about my “general annoyances”. But I think that my way of running the Phoenix works, and I don’t plan on sacrificing our goofiness. As Slate said, and I think she described the spirit of our crew just fine, we’re here for the people and friendships. I’m not in for the RP, but I know and accept that most people actually are, and I have no right to ruin their fun. If my way of doing things actually is hurting the community, the fleet captain is free to dismiss me from command and I’ll be OK with it, but right now my job is to protect my crew’s place.


    I agree with Slate (though I’m probably a bit bias since I’m stationed on the TSN Phoenix as well), but I do recognize that the TSN is an RP community and I respect that. I believe that problem of “too much silliness” in an RP community can be solved not through harsh shunning and punishment of OOC elements but rather a simple means of communicating with people who are overstepping the boundary.

    RP is a defining trait of this community, but many people sometimes sacrifice this element to crack jokes / do silly things to get a laugh or have a bit of fun. I do not think this is a bad thing since it helps forge long lasting friendships that last even outside the duty shift. This can get out of hand though. Sometimes people get too comfortable with each other and that detracts from the enjoyment of others.

    My solution to this problem is through the use of simple communication. If someone is bothering you, please tell them so that they know they are bothering you. Most people are not intentional jerks and when told that their actions are genuinely bothering someone or making someone angry, they will, generally, stop doing them. Blaze’s original post sort of did this by pointing out some gripes that he has with certain people, but the same effect could have been made without the public condemnation. This can be easily replaced the use of private messages or through verbal messages if they are on the same channel. If you impress upon them how much it bothers you, they usually will try to fix their behavior. If they refuse to listen after being asked repeatedly to cease, then would be the time to inform a superior officer and call for reprimands.

    That being said; people who do harmless, insignificant, or otherwise non-affecting infractions to RP should not be reprimanded. Take the example of an entire crew changing their names; Doing so does not do any harm, does not make a significant change to others outside their crew, nor does it affect people in a negative way. Although it is not perfectly conductive to strict RP, getting annoyed at these people is akin to getting annoyed at a kid for not putting on sunscreen at the beach or someone eating their spaghetti with a spoon instead of a fork. They are not the ‘correct’ ways to do things, but they cause no significant impact to others (except maybe the mother of the boy without sunscreen).

    The title of this webpage is the “Terran Stellar Navy: TSN RP Community.” RP is a major focus of the TSN, but that does not mean we should be devoid of silliness and shenanigans. Everyone has a different tolerance for OOC elements and if someone oversteps your bounds, then you need to inform them so that they can try correct themselves. That being said, some people like to have the silly kind of fun and not all infractions on true RP are bad and need to be squashed.

    Now that I know that you like to role play Blaze, I will make an effort to be serious about my roleplaying when I’m around you, but I will still be silly with my friends who also want to be a bit silly. I believe that what the TSN should be is a balance between hard RP and OOC shinanigans.

    “…virtue is a mean between two vices, one of excess, the other deficiency…” – Aristotle

    Adele Mundy

    Fish, please don’t cough your lungs out. I don’t think even the TSN MedBay is up to full lung replacement yet.


    The two positive elements repeated above are “RP” and “community”.

    The role-playing is the main reason I am here, but also because generally this is a nice bunch of people who enable each other to have fun. I try not to be the scary emo role-player around people who don’t want that shoved down their throats and mostly people who are not so into the roleplay are kind enough not to do things that break the illusion.

    So RP does matter to me and so does people being nice to each other.

    Matthew Vaj

    I spent a good bit of time thinking about this. Why do I stick around with the TSN? Why do I spend four or more hours of my Saturday afternoon and even more time on the fourms screwing around with a bunch of people I’ve never met (yet) in person?

    Sure, I enjoy the game, it’s a lot of fun, but I don’t think that’s the main reason. I definitely enjoy hanging out with the people I’ve met here, and a few of you I’d venture to call you my friends.

    I also enjoy the RP. But here’s a question I’ve been pondering: How much of your RL self do you show in the RP? Is your RP self completely different from your RL self? I don’t think that’s possible. Sure, there’s aspect about yourself that you don’t have to (and in some ways can’t) show, but how much do you be yourself in the RP. I think it’s easier to RP when I’m being myself, and I enjoy it more.

    As another member of the Phoenix‘s crew, I think that our OOC antics and conversations contribute to the fun of the RP. I can get to know people instead of just characters. I’ve served on other ships now and then, but I’ve never felt at home like I have on the Phoenix because of that. I’ve often thought of requesting another assignment to get experience with other command styles and crews, but then I realize I don’t want to. I genuinely enjoy serving on the Phoenix, where in general I know the crew as well as the ship herself.

    I remember a mission awhile ago in which two ships got destroyed. The GM spawned them back in and they RP’d a sensor glitch or something that made it seem like they were destroyed instead. The general consensus(OOC) on the Phoenix‘s bridge at the time was that both ships should be permanently destroyed. But that would’ve complicated a lot of things and mightn’t have been fun for the players, and all in all it probably was the right call. I remember another time when I was still working on learning the weapons console and I dropped a mine on a friendly ship (I think Aramond was in command, but I don’t remember the ship name). The ship was destroyed, but they RP’d a big hole in the hull instead and respawned it. Again, probably the right call.

    There’s limits to the RP during the duty shift, and if everything had to be RP, I would’ve left long ago, and I suspect there would be a lot fewer people around. On the forums of course, in the bar and on the holodeck and on missions like the Manticore mission, having as little OOC stuff as possible is perfectly fine imo.

    I want to ask, though, and this is a question for everyone: Why do you like the RP so much? Do you prefer RP over meeting and getting to know people? Some people get into RP stuff because they want to run away from some problem or other, and not be confined to their perception of themselves. That’s certainly one reason why I originally joined (I also just wanted to play artemis, and I couldn’t get my friends to play consistently). But now, it’s because I genuinely like many of the people in this group, and I now feel free, at least among my crew, to be very much myself, and I much prefer that over being someone I’m not. RP is fun, but why does RP take such a precedence in your life?

    Just something to think about, you don’t really need to answer me 🙂

    Blaze Strife

    Thank you all for answering and sharing your opinion. I am genuinely interested in them. Would love to see more.

    First I’ll respond to Vaj’s question, because I think it can help you understand why I’ve created this topic.

    I love RP because it allows me to live more than one life. Kind of like playing video games and reading books does, but RP enhances the immersion and allows me to choose how a character behaves and (re)acts. My character in TSN is quite similar to my real self, since that makes it easier to be consistent from week to week.

    As for the Phoenix…

    Ever since that friendly-fire incident occured, I’m always very careful when Phoenix approaches Viper, which is quite often since we’re usually in the same battle group. Van Leigh is unpredictable enough that I’m never quite sure what’ll he do.
    The name tags are something we can see on the TeamSpeak, and I’ve RP-ed as if the TeamSpeak is the crew log we transmit to each other, or receive before the mission. That’s why I’ve considered them important for the RP, but have lately started simply shrinking the Phoenix’s TS channel, so I don’t see the changes.

    A punishment for Slate not stating her rank that I had in mind was simply something like asking her to do so, maybe demoting her for an hour if she doesn’t, or something like that; nothing serious or threatening. Still, if she’s not here for the RP, none of that will have any benefit, and it could annoy her.

    I do see that different crews will have different levels of RP, since not even I think it’s a good idea to force the RP on anyone. Xavier did say RP should be our general focus, so I just hope more crews will take to RP and that there would be some RP consequences for certain actions.

    Another thing. In the final simulation of the last duty shift, Tuor noticed I’m no longer engaged in the conversation, even though I continued following orders as a Weapons officer. This was due to everything that occured on the ship up to that point, all of which increased the suspension of RP, step by step. When the RP gets demolished in that way, I lose interest in playing.

    Adele Mundy

    Fair warning: this might ramble a bit.

    I’ve read people’s posts, and they’ve been going round in my head, so now that I’ve had some sleep and some time to mull things over, I’ll add a longer opinion on why I value RP.

    Artemis is a fun game, but as people have pointed out, it isn’t so difficult that beating the game would be enough of a satisfaction – even if I were a completist (I have some tendencies in that direction, tempered by laziness and lack of time), and had the time and the opportunity to play every bridge station until I achieved what I considered satisfactory proficiency (hint: nowhere near where I am), on every type of ship, at every difficulty level, I would probably get bored before getting to that end stage.

    What really makes the game for me is the interaction between officers. And this is where the RP comes in. I’ve played a few times with friends, in the same room, without RP, and the game just loses some flavour as far as I’m concerned. When the bridge stations are simply game posts, the game is, well, a game. We’re not risking our lives to protect anything or anyone, we’re moving pixels around to switch off other pixels. Might as well play Tetris.

    I’m not saying that I really believe we’re in a spaceship. Do children waving light sabres at each other really believe they’re Jedi? We step in and out of RP all the time, when we get up to make a cup of coffee in our real kitchen (but see, Matsiyan has a coffeemaker in RP, and now it’s part of his character) or when we struggle with real computer glitches – but we’ve worked out a way to talk about those in RP terms too, and it allows people to have fun. The Matsiyan-Mundy psi-link is an RP solution to why we’re able to know what the other one is doing when we’re on different ships.

    Some people enjoy the RP more, and some treat it more lightly. I wouldn’t want to impose strict RP guidelines on anyone, if it was going to ruin their game. I definitely think that to “punish” people for approaching the game differently from me would be inappropriately dictatorial. I do think that we should stick to RP in the Briefing Room, partly for the practical purpose of quelling the chatter that otherwise might drag on too long, and make the briefing difficult to follow; partly to give a sense of community, as TSN officers working together. Outside the Briefing Room, RP is pretty much by consensus, and each ship is different. RP-ing the ranks serves the same practical purpose of keeping the ship and crew on task; how much each officer is a fully realised personality is a separate question, and much more about personal enjoyment.

    I’ve been on ships with almost no RP. I find it disappointing, but it’s only for the length of a shift. There are other ships. Just because someone doesn’t enjoy RP as much as I do doesn’t mean I don’t like them, or I don’t like being on a ship with them. As a beginning player, I learned a huge amount from commanding officers who don’t RP much, and I appreciate them for it. Someone in the posts above (and I’m trying not to lose my train of thought, so I’m not going back to check who it was) said part of the fun is being on a ship with friends, and I agree. Where In Character and Out Of Character friendship begins and ends is one of those wonderfully indeterminate areas.

    There may be people we like more, and people we like less. We can deal with that in RP, in fact: if Hornblower, or Harrington, or Aubrey had never had to deal with difficult superior officers, or insubordinate crew, or any difficulty at all in their personal interactions, guess how many people would have read the books? I’ve put some of that in Mundy’s logs, with the excuse that they’re her private thoughts, and she can express anything she wants there, even if it’s undiplomatic or downright disrespectful.

    And as for how much of ourselves is in RP, that’s one of those great universal questions: some, of course. Mundy is much more organised than I am, much more technically competent, to say nothing of a much better shot and a much better fencer… (I haven’t touched a foil in mumble mumble years, and a sabre in even longer) She has a much more dramatic background than I have, of course – I’ve tried not to go Goth with her, it would be too easy to have her endlessly moping about Paragon and her brother – but I can’t help giving her my snarky sense of humour.

    Having said which, she’s not me. I don’t think there’s the side of me in Mundy that comes out when I GM… the side of me that has my Firefly players fully believing the naive girl they saved is grateful to them, while, after nearly getting them killed twice, she’s infiltrating their family and business network, setting up ambushes on them (damn near misses that caused them physical harm and cost them money) working out where their friends are hiding, arranging for several of them to be kidnapped as a lure to a secret facility where they will be used as guinea pigs for an experimental new FTL drive that has so far resulted in the deaths of many skilled pilots. Oh, and she’s working on turning one of the player characters over to her side. I think she’s mostly there. I’ve been lying to my players for about six episodes now. Mundy has A Strict Regard For Truth.

    That’s what RP is for, sometimes, I can be a much nobler version of myself… Also, it’s relaxing to go along with somebody else’s story, and just have one character to think about.

    I suppose the TL; DR version of this is, I come back to the TSN week after week because of you lot. May you always know where your towel is.


    I’m not sure you would know who I am. I’m one of the people who split off a long time ago to form a new group, the USN, which aimed at more or less beating the game. This may be a bit of a disjointed and not fully formed post, I’m a tad tired, as I’ve been traveling all over for the past 2 weeks and it’s finally really catching up with me.

    When I used to play in the TSN, the ship I ran was not hugely into roleplay. Think the current Phoenix, just a bit looser. I played for the people I ran with. I enjoyed flying with the crew I served with because of our silly antics and lax atmosphere.

    Over the course of time, the roleplay elements started to get to me, as my goal at the time was just too different from the group, so I decided to try something new. I had a blast in the new group, but at the same time really missed the awesome missions from Fish and the RP elements of the TSN. Eventually, we accomplished our goal and the group disbanded. The current USN formed later on, but were unaffiliated to the group I was in.

    The point I stand at now, I really would like to join back in because I still have quite a few friends who are in the TSN. I miss old faces from the group, even those I didn’t necessarily get along with the best. The whole thing just made the experience special, which is something that didn’t really exist in the USN for me. The roleplay on the more serious ships would be beyond fun for me to join back in to and partake in for some missions, having a more serious group. Playing the game with those on a more casual ship and cracking jokes while flying around would be quite the relaxing thing. I really do wish I could join back in, but due to work having me in on every Saturday, I can’t.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is as someone who tried to play the game for the sake of playing the game and to use all of the most risky strategies that just wouldn’t fly in an actual roleplay scenario, it really is lacking. Just having the people to join in with, I might as well play other games with them that fit more in line with my current interests. Not to say Artemis is a boring game, but I burnt out on it and the RP and people kept me going. At this point, it’s the want to RP again, yet the ability to still do it with friends, that really has got me wanting to return after a very long absence.

    So to answer your question, for me personally, the RP is the driving thing to play Artemis. Playing with friends is fun, but I can do stuff with them at other times. If I manage to somehow get a day off on Saturday and show up for a session, I want to be able to get into the roleplay.


    Why is it that Slate doesn’t state her rank at the beginning of a shift? @Slate.

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