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    Finally Roshin Das in Full Dress
    Roshin Das Fulldress

    Roshin Das FD Portrait


    …and Roshin Das in spacesuit
    Roshin Das spacesuit

    Roshin Das headshot


    and one last full length
    Roshin full length spacesuit


    Also managed to find a couple of shots of Captain Evans just after his annual physical, when he hasn’t been trapped behind a desk for several months.
    Slender Captain Evans

    Captain Evans full dress after diet


    Of course Captain Evans has the low-g spacer’s delicate height at around two metres, similar to Blaze, but probably half the msss. And both of them a foot taller than the miniscule Roshin Das.


    Lieutenant-Commander Matsiyan in his new full-fig.


    Full length

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    I stayed with Adam Parra’s pale grey and black design, asuming it is a new design replacing a traditional blue one. Trim is red for Engineering and Tactical, Blue for Science and Comms, but I switched to gold for command and used black for ONI (on sleeves or to replace the grey upper body). I freely confess to using the colours a little imprecisely in trim deliberately to make each avatar more distinctive. I have tried to use extremes of height and build and beardiness for the same reason.

    One day with a bit more patience and practice I will assemble a bigger group shot. My biggest problem is in cleanly outlining each figure to cut them out.

    Tuor Elanesse

    what programe are you using?


    Paragon Chat, the client from the old City of Heroes MMO.

    Anyone interested can download Paragon Chat, it’s free, and gives you access to the character creation tools.
    From the CoH Survivors fb group:

    Please read this Pinned post because it answers all your questions on things like
    What is Paragon Chat?
    • How do I get issue 24 for Paragon Chat?
    • Do I need to install issue 24 somewhere?
    • What do I need to install to get issue 24 for Paragon Chat?
    • Where do I get issue 24 if I am a mac user for Paragon Chat?
    • Where do I get Icon (seriously this has been answered at least 70x now in 70 different comments Install Tequila for Windows or Island Rum if you are a mac user
    To use Paragon Chat. Install either Tequila or Island Rum. Both of those will automatically install everything you need for XMPP and Icon. Read through the install instructions carefully!!!! If you have problems contact the Titan people or look through their frequently asked questions as listed below.
    Titan Icon Installer for Windows: Tequila and it will give you issue 24 automatically (yes you need this for Paragon Chat)
    Titan Icon Installer for Mac Users :Island Rum complete with issue 24 automatically (Yes, you will need this for Paragon Chat if you are a MAC user)
    Titan website to create or update your titan account (YOU MUST HAVE THIS IF YOU WISH TO USE PARAGON CHAT!)
    Frequently asked questions for Paragon Chat. (Please read these because I am not someone who is involved with Titan and I do not know of a more streamline way for you to solve most issues.)
    For all those character files you saved but now you would like to rip out their costume parts from those sentinel files and use it for Icon without having to remake every single costume
    Paragon Wiki
    Google doc that will unlock all of the locked emotes in Paragon chat

    Rodger Wilcon

    Hi Mat, I just saw all of the portraits that you have done, and I would like to know if you could make a portrait of me TSN style? What would you need from me?


    Well what does Rodger look like?
    Height, build, hair, skin colour, face fungus, habitual expression, background in case it inspires a variation, primary specialization?

    If I go purely on your vocal mannerisms, I might imagine a young, clean shaven, wiry, pale skinned, redhead. But it’s your character 🙂
    I usually do a spacesuit variant and a dress uniform.

    Where did you grow up? Gravity, occupation, hobbies? Anything might help.


    Adele Mundy

    If Paragon Chat manage to bring back a way to build SuperGroup bases, we might be able to build a DS station, or even a command bridge. I remember the interface being frustratingly fiddly, but it ought to be possible.

    Rodger Wilcon

    Rodger Wilcon:
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 (I think) (you can jump it up to a higher age if you want)
    Nose: Basically the same as your profile, but a little more rounded.
    Eye color; Blue/Blue-green
    Skin color: Flesh white, no tan, small amount of acne and spots, with eye sags visible: due to many nights of lost sleep.
    Hair color: Dark brown with tinges of dark red-brown.
    Hair: Clean shaven, long, well combed, hair that reaches the bottom of the shoulder blades; tied up in a ponytail (behind the head), hair tucked up and behind the ears, a small amount of hair starting to grow in-front of the ears.
    Height: 5″4′
    Build: Light-Medium
    Disposition: Gemini-like activity, with seemingly multiple personalities:
    1; Joking, immature, wild, and energetic (most active during off time and informal meetings). Facial features usually are goofy and/or smiling wildly.
    2; Professional, self restrained, and polite, but aggressive towards people who aren’t working well in a project (most active during group projects, missions, and formal meetings). Mostly emotionally neutral, but has a small smirking smile when happy with a result, and a displeased look when something bad happens or a person is not participating well in the project or mission.
    3; Distant, dark, aggressive towards people who interrupt him, and easily startled into aggressive action (most active while working or doing activities alone, while sometimes active when among people who he doesn’t like). Emotionally neutral until disturbed, at which point Wilcon will lash out with a snarl and angry disposition.

    Birthplace; Terra (Earth)
    Heritage; American
    Hobbies; Artemis; TSN public training game (primarily acting as helm), long range weapon shooting.
    Prior occupations; Pilot in family private shipping company.
    Current rank; Cadet

    No, medals or ribbons yet obtained.

    Please put Wilcon in a dress or undress uniform. If you could, please make a picture for each of the dispositions. I hope this is enough information, thank you for giving me a reason to update my character description.


    Cadet Rodger Wilcon
    Wilcon Full
    Wilcon medium




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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 10 months ago by Matsiyan.
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