Mission 29517-2237

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    Rodger Wilcon

    An voice comes over the intercom of the shuttle, drawing everyone’s attention to the front of the shuttle.

    This is your helm officer speaking. We are preparing to land in a relatively bare and flat area of our designated landing area. Please put trays in the upright position, stow all belongings, and fasten you seat-belts. Estimated time to arrival is ten minutes.

    The shuttle starts descending through the atmosphere, eventually landing, somewhat shakily on the surface.

    Please gather your belongings and equipment, and prepare to disembark. your mission commander will give you directions shortly. Thank you for flying with up on the TSN Shuttle (Enter name), we hope you’ve enjoyed your flight.


    Nhaima undid her crash webbing and pushed away the co-pilot console. She tossed her head from side to side, causing her neck to pop softly, while she woke up her limbs. She moved aft towards a storage locker. From it she withdrew a survival pack and science equipment. Slinging it over her shoulders, she moved to the small arms locker and keyed in her access codes. She pulled out a pistol and two spare magazines. She checked the charge for each to ensure they were ready before slipping it into a holster on her thigh.

    Zac Turnez

    Following Nhaima’s lead, Turnez picks up his pack and weapon from a storage locker. Pulling out his data pad, he synchronises it to the shuttle’s systems, downloading the relevant sensor data and maps from the approach. Once complete, Turnez shoulders his pack and begins heading towards the shuttle door.

    Last time we were here, we stepped off the shuttle and found ourselves face-to-face with a rather large alien. Hopefully, we won’t be so unlucky this time. In any case, I think we should fan out quickly from the shuttle’s ramp and do a quick visual scan of the area before letting the shuttle lift off. That way, if we have to make a hasty retreat, we’ll be able to.

    Once we are out and the shuttle has left, we’ll be able to establish our route to the monitoring station and head out. I estimate it’ll take a good day’s trek to reach it from our current position. From there we can then move on to the impact site and in investigate.

    We could launch a drone that we have on board and have it track us as we go. It should last the duration of the mission as long as the weather doesn’t deteriorate. If we have to land it for a longer period of time, or it becomes damaged, we’ll have to abandon it though. It’ll be too large for us to carry any distance and we won’t have the kit to repair any serious damage anyway.


    Matsiyan does a final check of his pack contents before shouldering it and taking his turn at the weapons locker. In addition to basic survival gear, rations and his share of the pair of shelters, he is carrying statistically likely spares for the atmospheric monitoring station, a Long Range Comms unit with a signal enhancer and a pair of relays. He checks he has the appropriate downloads for the specialized geological survey sensor pack. He hefts his tiny geological hammer menacingly.

    If they get past your pulsers, I’ve got you covered.

    He grins and moves to the hatch control.

    Opening hatch in three, two, one…

    Rodger Wilcon

    Wilcon slides up behind Matsiyan, pulser in hand, with a lightweight pulse carbine (sniper/assault variable) slung across his back, and long range scanning binoculars around his neck, as well as the standard equipment pack, including an excess of magazines for his small assortment of weapons. As an afterthought he grabs a small camera drone.

    As the hatch opens Wilcon rushes out of the shuttle, making a full visual check of the surrounding area.

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    Zac Turnez

    Turnez rushes down the ramp following Rodger, taking a kneeling position to the right and scanning the immediate terrain.

    Are there any lifeforms within visual range of the shuttle’s ramp? AR = Above Average; DR = Average; Roll = 31; Result = Yes

    Are the lifeforms presenting a threat to the team? AR = Average; DR = Average; Roll = 93; Result = Exceptional No

    Ahead and just within Turnez’s visual range, a group of strange looking lifeforms, similar in size to impala on Earth, are grazing on the plains. Some of the creatures pause, turning eyes towards the newcomers before continuing their grazing, moving quietly away from the team.

    Area looks secure. No threats within line of sight.

    Turnez lowers his weapon and continues to scan the surrounding terrain, glancing back briefly at the other officers as they exit the shuttle.


    Matsiyan helps organize and double check final pack loads and heads down the ramp with the rest. He slips around to the front of the shuttle and scans the small remaining arc not visible to Wilcon and Turnez

    Are there any lifeforms within visual range of the shuttle’s ramp? AR = Below Average(smaller area); DR = Average; Roll = 25; Result = Yes

    Are the lifeforms presenting a threat to the team? AR = Average; DR = Average; Roll = 9; Result = Exceptional Yes

    Looking forward from the nose of the shuttle, Matsiyan scans the last of the flat ground and the beginning of the rocky rise that is the first outcrop of the foothills leading up to the location of the Atmospheric Monitoring Station.

    A flicker like a rolling stone some distance ahead suddenly resolves into a lightning-fast dark shape skimming towards the shuttle just above head height, leathery wings spread two meters wide and a wickedly pointed stinger curving forward below it.

    Look out upslope! he shouts diving back towards the nose of the shuttle.

    Matthew Vaj

    Seeing the creature streaking towards Matsiyan, Vaj pulls out a tranq pistol and attempts to shoot the creature.

    Does he hit the creature? AR: below average, DR: average, roll: 76, result: No


    He dodges out of the way as the creature makes another pass.


    At the call for trouble, Nhaima shrugged out of her webbing and stowed the surveillance drone back in it’s locker while she reached for a pulse carbine. She keyed for the dorsal hatch to open and quickly shot up the ladder. She cast her eyes quickly around the area surrounding them, ignoring anything other than the sight of TSN uniforms and movement that might cause a threat. She then turned towards the rear of the ship and lay down along the top. She cycled her weapon to select fire, propped the fore of the weapon up, and pulled the stock close into her shoulder.

    “Commander, on overwatch,” she replied, her efforts speeding her words while she tried to settle into the cool she tried to maintain in combat.

    “Ready to fire,” she called out, steadier than before. She sighted on her target, adjusted behind the gun again, and began to control her breathing. When the creature readied itself for another charge, Nhaima fidgeted again.

    Assuming it’s required, does Nhaima’s shot kill the creature? DR: Average, AR: High. Result: 96 => critical failure

    Nhaima exhaled and pushed her thumb forward, activating the weapon to warm it up in case she needed to fire or was ordered to.

    “Gun hot, overwatch clear t-“ she called again before breaking off. She looked down as her weapon began to whine slightly. She saw it flash slightly and her throat tightened. It flashed again, and then the reaction chamber glowed red and began to melt down. The air filled with noxious fumes and the smell of melting metal. She coughed slightly over the intercom and tossed the weapon over the side of the ship.

    “Overwatch is down,” she said more quietly this time, her voice almost hissing and clearly pained, “I repeat overwatch is down”

    Zac Turnez

    Turnez sees the overloaded weapon clatter to the ground and burst into flames. Glancing over his shoulder, he just about sees Nhaima’s head on the top of the shuttle. Turnez pulls his attention back to track the vulture-like creature, swooping back at them. He dives to the left as it swoops past, rolling on to one knee and turning about the see the creature climbing again ready to circle round. Taking careful aim with his pistol, he thumbs the safety catch and fires a volley of rounds in its direction.

    Does Turnez’s fire strike the creature? DR: Above Average; AR: Above Average; Roll: 6; Result: E. Yes => Critical Hit!

    The shots strike the creature and it tumbles to the ground. It writhes violently, and cries with the pain from the hits. Keeping his pistol trained on the target, Turnez calls to the others.

    Target down! Nhaima, are you injured?


    Crouched down in cover a little way from the shuttle, Zelreich saw Nhaima coughing and moved over to assist with any injuries she might have sustained.

    Zelreich asked Nhaima, “Are you alright, Nhaima? Are you hit anywhere?”


    Matsiyan dropped his pack and drew his sidearm, thumbing off the safety and pointing it down and out away from the away team. Cautiously he peered around the side of the shuttle and saw the downed flier.

    Does the wyvern-vulture persist in its attack? AR – Low (wounded and prey is alert) DR – Average (default for passive situations) Roll – 99 Result – Exceptional no.

    The wounded creature was scrambling away from the shuttle complaining loudly. Beyond it Matsiyan saw another shadow far across the plain as another of the creatures stooped on a straggling impala-equivalent and stung it as they stampeded away from the gunfire and the cries of the predator. The herbivore started to limp and fall behind in the distance.

    Looks like they really prefer home cooking.

    Matthew Vaj

    Seeing Zelreich tending to Nhaima, Vaj moved carefully toward the downed creature. When he got within a few meters of it, he shot the creature with his tranq pistol. After a couple minutes, it lost consciousness. He pulled out a scanner and sample kit and began to gather data on the creature.

    Just give me a minute to collect some samples. He called to the others.

    Is Vaj successful in gathering the necessary data? AR-Above Average, DR-Average, Roll-57, Result-Yes

    Vaj takes a few minutes to do a biopsy, collect blood samples, and tag the creature, which he named Frembo after determining that it was male.

    All right, I’ve got what I need.

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    Rodger Wilcon

    Wilcon appears from the treeline, as if out of the pocket dimension that he seems to disappear into every once in a while, seeming pleased with his uneventful patrol of the surrounding area. But as he sees the chaos around the shuttle becomes unnerved and starts bouncing around in embarrassment.

    What happened? Were you guys communicating over the headsets? Is everyone ok? What Happned?

    Is Wilcon’s headset operating correctly?
    AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-75, Result-No

    Wilcon opens up his headset and starts poking around inside.

    Is the inner wiring of the headset broken?
    AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-49, Result-Very slightly

    Mat, could you take a look at this headset while I get another. And while I’m thinking about it, we should all probably do a full equipment check.

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