Mission 29517-2237

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    Perfect! And yes, if Turnez couldn’t get any more data here and now, as he said, it will have to be cross referenced with the full library. Don’t mention that to Mundy. It will only distract her.

    I might be jumping to conclusions but, my first guess is that with a much bigger sample, say something the size of a small asteroid, this radiation would cause major havoc with starship systems. This sample isn’t enough to do much on its own. Also, with the sample in the shielded container we should be safe to use the power packs again.

    I wonder if this speck is a fragment from one that came down on the far side of this continent? That would explain the reddish colour and the lack of vegetation if the impact was kinetically big enough and the radiation intense enough. The N’tani didn’t report any issues from their survey. Maybe they are familiar with this stuff?

    Lt. Turnez only found one local source though. So we should be able to move on to the atmo station if someone can locate a decent route. It will certainly be more interesting than a few hours in the gym!

    He grinned, shared out the disconnected power packs and stowed the shielded container in his pack along with the disassembled bits of impromptu drill.

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    Rodger Wilcon

    Wilcon decides that this is the moment to show his quick observation skills in the helms seat.

    I think I know how the damage to ship happened, sir. When some of the fleet ships went into the nebulae around the anomaly and used their warp drives there was significant sudden damage to the warp drive, impulse engine, and some other systems around those areas, including the sensor array. Some of the other ships that went in experienced more damage than the Excalibur, some with temporary total ship system failure. The effects were mostly stopped by only using impulse while inside the nebulae, I guess the interaction between the active warp field and the clouds amplified the effects of the radiation coming from the anomaly and focused it into the warp drive and surrounding systems. Of course this is just my best guess from observation, as far as I know command hasn’t sent a dedicated science team to research and test the anomaly and it’s effect.

    //Intuitive science galore.

    Matthew Vaj

    Vaj nodded, looking thoughtful.

    The cadet is right. It was the warp fields that triggered the systems failures on the ships. I wonder if the magnetic field of the planet caused a similar effect on this chunk’s natural radiation that caused the damage to our equipment.

    He paused.

    Regardless, we should keep heading towards the monitoring station. We don’t know how long it will take to repair it, and we have to investigate the impact crater yet, too. Nhaima, is your drone showing any clear path to the station?
    // @Nhaima

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    Zelreich nodded and checked his equipment.

    You’re right, Vaj. Let’s get moving everyone.

    After Vaj has finished talking with Nhaima, Zelreich pings her as well.

    Nhaima, Zelreich here, when we get up to the monitoring station, after we’ve set up a post, how about we have a look at your bandages and we’ll put on fresh ones, eh?


    “Affirmative Lieutenant, the way ahead is still clear. There’s a dark patch, smaller than the main one we saw from orbit but it still looks like an impact crater, that we should probably skirt around but that’s only going to add about a quarter klick to the route. Eagle-eye has picked up the station… initiating handshake…” she reported, pausing to tap a few keystrokes into the control console on her wrist.

    Is the drone able to interface with the monitoring station’s systems? AR: Above Average DR: Low Roll: 54 => Yes

    Is everything at the station fine? 1d100 = 71

    “Uplink established. I’m getting a bit of signal interference but readings fall between normal tolerances. Falling out to re-establish the forward picket line. And that’s understood Commander, thanks again.”

    Nhaima straightened up, flexed her shoulders slightly, and began heading off at a slight angle to open up distance and start the route around the impact crater.

    // Scene?




    The weather station came into sight well before they reached it. Nhaima passed underneath the metal scaffolding, laced with sensors and equipment that gently creaked in the wind. She did a quick visual scan before proceeding past it into a scouting pass of the area around the meteorological spire. The lap took several minutes, and once she has visually secured the area she climbed the station’s scaffolding until she came to rest on the top-most catwalk. There she took a knee, sent the drone into a gentle circle around the area, and opened up a field ration to wolf down quickly.

    “Area secure,” she said before tearing off the first corner hungrily, “You should be clear to approach and start with the maintenance Commander.”


    Zelreich surveys the area and finds it satisfactorily clear of any hostile s or threats of any kind, at least outside the maintenance station that is. He walks towards where Nhaima is eating and sits down, trauma kit at his side.

    How are you feeling, Nhaima?


    “Feels a bit stiff and it stings, but otherwise I’m fine sir,” she said reflexively, putting on a reassuring smile.


    Zelreich smiles back at Nhaima.

    Still, we’ve got to change them so you don’t get infected, alright?

    (Proceeds according to response.)


    Copy that, Lieutenant. Let me know if anything crops up while I have my head behind a panel.

    Matsiyan toted his pack out into the open area where the station had to be established. It had grown since the first simple 2.5 metre pole with its anemometer and a bulky base with stabilizers slammed into the earth by towering young Lt. Jr. Blaze.

    Now it reared above him in two storeys of lightweight alloy with a photovoltaic-film-covered observation catwalk at the top. Not hard to imagine you were at some primitive watchtower, he thought, defending your territory against rude strangers. But here was only a much taller mast with a bevy of sensor packs, and comms gear, and a faintly ludicrous backup windmill for auxiliary power. From this height and with the augmented sensors it could survey hundreds of kilometres rather than the few of the original.

    Is there obvious physical damage? AR – Average, DR – Average, Roll – 13, Result – Yes

    Is the cause biological? AR – Average, DR – Average, Roll – 93, Result – No

    Matsiyan shrugged off his pack and made a circuit, examining everything in reach, stepping over some storm-tossed debris as he went. He grunted the pack back on and climbed to the first catwalk level and did the same. This time he paused at the northwest corner. The casing on the main comms relay housing was dented and cracked and the whole case hung askew where the structural support strut it was attached to had been snapped clean off. It looked like a heavy branch or something in a hurricane-force wind, had impacted with terrific force. With a sigh he unshipped his pack again and started dismounting the casing and opening it.

    Matthew Vaj

    While Matsiyan attempted repairs, Vaj kept an eye out for any potential hostiles while he continued to gather floral samples in the area.

    Does he spot any hostile creatures while on guard? AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-40, Result-Yes.

    A large creature similar to a Terran lion spots Vaj as he stood up to pack away a plant sample. Upon hearing its growl, he pulled out his tranq pistol again and took aim.

    Heads up, we’ve got movement to the North!

    Does he hit the lion? AR-Above Average, DR-Average, Roll-25, Result-Yes.

    The dart hit the lion on its flank and quickly caused it to lose consciousness.

    Are there any other lions in the immediate vicinity? AR-Average, DR-Average, Roll-22, Result-Yes.

    I’m gonna need backup here, there’s more closing on us!

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    Zelreich hears Vaj call for help over the comms.

    Zelreich here. I’m on my way.

    He looks over at Nhaima.

    Stay here with the equipment. I’ll be back. I’ve got to get Vaj out of a bind again.

    Zelreich runs over to Vaj’s position, carbine drawn. He sees a creature, takes aim, and fires.

    Does Zelreich’s shot hit the lion? AR – High. DR – Average. Roll – 10 Result => E. Yes.

    Zelreich’s shot hits dead center in the creatures head, the energy of the shot causing the creature’s head to explode in a display of visceral carnage.

    Zelreich runs over to Vaj.

    How are you holding up Lieutenant?

    He asks, carbine still scanning the area.


    Can Matsiyan repair the damage with the equipment on hand? AR = High, DR = Average, Roll = 40, Result = Yes

    Can he complete the work before night falls? AR = High, DR = Average, Roll = 70, Result = Yes

    Looks like I’ll be up half the night fixing this. he sighed I may need to borrow an extra lamp or two.

    Matsiyan replaced a cracked circuit board component from the spares he had brought with him. Then he sprayed sealant inside and out on the cracked casing. He cold-welded the broken strut back in place and improvised a reinforcement from an additional length of tube to take it back to at least the original strength. Finally he remounted the case and tested the data flow shortly after the bloated sun touched the increasingly hazy horizon.

    All done! he announced with satisfaction.

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