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    Leonard Hall

    I notice that quite a bit officers, generally senior officers and ONI/R&D but sometimes others, come on the TS for various reasons, and between Solari’s continual press with written logs, CMDNET reports and debates, and the other media we use (such as Vessel Database videos, TSNAcademy logs, etc) we could go with some recorded voice media in there as well. Could be worth toying with and seeing how we could integrate that into our roster of canon developer tools.


    –LTJG Hall, ONI

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    What kind of thing were you thinking in particular?

    Leonard Hall

    We get [x] people on the TS and record an IC meeting, discussion, etc.


    So recording of meetings, like those you get in star trek, when Janeway or Picard sat with all thier officers in that conference/meeting room and tried to figure out what was going on?

    Are you seeing this as being a scripted meeting, or something more free form/ realistic? Having some notes to work off would enhance it (I think I’ve managed to improve my briefings by taking notes to help structure them for example…. though you guys are the only ones who could really comment!) If we knew the direction the conversation might take, we could make sure we have relevant ideas based on our canon, rather than trying to come up with something on the spot. I.e. we only know caltron weapon systems fire from an an array on the central axis from observation. Our sensors cannot detect exactly where the energy originates from as it uses an biochemical energy that fluctuates within the arms of each caltron and thjs may explain how they link etc etc. Basically, we figure out what we know and how we know it and what this is relevant to before we actually hold the meeting. It would be staged in terms of info and outcome, but the dialogue would be improvised and natural and probably make something interesting to listen to akin to a real ‘star trek’ style meeting.


    Voice eh.
    Xavier is quite spot on when it comes to it usually being more scripted. And everyone would really need to be in-character, and pretend like they’re acting. (Not badly, we hope eh.)

    So, audio like the TNG Observation lounge then? It’s just the Captain and his senior staff discussing options and status reports for the ship and missions, and of course the unexpected Star Trek stuff, for narrative and downtime pacing. (We don’t have the unexpected science/exploration/discovery/ inter-character dialogue stuff yet, to do narrative pacing in the game; or are we going to?)

    Yet, are the players ready for that, beyond anything scripted? Half of them on TS, will go straight to real life chat about something or another. And most of us (myself included), not in the development of the sandbox game still have a limited grasp of all the behind-the-scenes fluff (or devote any time to it), let alone how to portray their character and know the background information to back-it-up, as it were. Especially on-the-fly.
    For example, you just mentioned information on the Caltron ship that I had no idea about Xavier, and I doubt anyone not in ONI would be thinking this stuff up come every Saturday game. It is interesting though, but never on my mind.

    But, if you can find people who know how to free-form RP, and do voices. Sure. I’ll just echo: It’s going to basically have to be formatted in someway.
    Like when I think of the media broadcast you all did for the USFP anniversary, that’s what I think is the good stuff. AKA: Starship Troopers: Would you like to know more? We seem to like that eh.
    And your briefings before the missions are interesting, but again, scripted and partially written before-hand and already talked through by the people up on top, correct?

    Just an example of what I, myself, wouldn’t be keen to listen to: A voice/video recording of one ship (or more) of us on a mission, with no context and nothing but strange orders and the occasional ‘crash talk’ from us. We usually don’t ever stay still or have lulls in the game long enough to have crews converse about what’s going on. And the 5/10 minute breaks are when everyone goes and does the Real Life needs.
    Players are more along the lines of thinking: What position will I be in today? Who will show up? Are we doing missions and/or simulations? Am I lagging? Please, please don’t crash or lose my TS connection. Could someone repeat the orders, I didn’t hear/undertand them. Wait, what are we doing again? How’s our energy? Oh look a target! Ha, (whatever ship) got blown up! Taunt so-and-so. (The list goes on.)

    Yeah, I may have gone off-track. Basically, keep them relevant and from being the dry/straightforward ship summary intell videos.
    Sum up: The audio/visual is probably going to be artificially directed, in some way, shape or form.

    Actually, do you have a more specific (link?) example of what you’re envisioning? 1920’s radio drama? Sci-fi TV episode?

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    Leonard Hall

    Alright, let’s dig into this.

    – Star Trek-esque meetings.
    That’s kind of the structure that makes for a good base but of course we need to put our own flair on it and/or incorporate elements from other styles of sci-fi doctrines as well.

    – Is everyone ready and/or capable of doing an unscripted RP meeting?
    No, of course not. Issues do come up that demand OOC, and some people are simply incapable of fully immersing themselves within a roleplay setting. But between those of us who are, this could be a chance to get more canon out and help refine it. We can bring in notes or topic points for a discussion or event but it should be somewhat free within the bounds of our characters. While ONI scripts certain dialogue from external characters ( like the newscasts) the mission briefings tend to be done on the spot unless the mission demands a certain briefing script, and even then CO questions mix up the flow a bit.

    This response has been paid for by the TSN propaganda division. Pay no heed to this disclaimer while you are reading this document or let this interrupt your reading, if it benefits our country.

    – Where will these discussion sessions go?
    My idea was to put them in the Data Stream or COMMNET as they would fit.

    – Room styles?
    I’d defer to the links on
    for what I think is the kind of rooms and styles the TSN uses (or should use at any rate).


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    Oh balls all. Wait, why am I in court? I plead the fifth.
    Off topic: Hmm, that makes me wonder if the TSN has a JAG division. Military Laws, yow…now that’s a huge project.

    On topic:
    Best thing to do then is give your idea a first trial run, and then you’ll have the base example on which to work on from.
    Otherwise, it’s all a mute point. (pun not intended, ha!)

    Leonard Hall

    // Judge Advocate General’s adjunct at Cerberus Command is sadly closed at the moment due to the incursion but they will send you a summons promptly in one shift’s time after the incursion has been repulsed.

    In that case let’s get some voices on and let’s give it a dry run.


    We can record the voices. How will these be presented though? Pure audio logs to listen to? We could think about visuals of some sort (even if it’s just background images) and then put them up on youtube.

    We also need to think about what conversation we are going to talk about too so we can draw together relevant ideas and canon.

    Leonard Hall

    If we decide to put it on TSNAcademy or where-ever, we could go with putting up a picture of a briefing/conference/galley/quarters/name your room for visuals.

    As for content for this first one it’d likely be discussing the conflict at hand and how it’s affecting business. And maybe also how Solari* is hogging all the water on the station.



    Hoi Hall and Xavier.

    Hope I didn’t ‘snub’ you after the duty shift was over with your audio request.
    Not into personal drama (Heh, there’s another un-intentional pun.), especially my own, so I had to take my leave on the double-quick.
    Something about one of these former USN returnees was agitating me on the Hydra. I think I recommended he “take the nearest airlock out” at one point, when he was complaining about how long it was taking to escort that final ship, and had to be places. Hope he was joking…but I wasn’t. Bad of me. But he was bragging and talking like a know-it-all. Childish.

    So, I feel the need to explain myself up-front as I don’t mind being open and giving out too much information.

    Brace yourselves for said TMI:
    If you couldn’t tell, I’m what used to be called an Aspie (Asperger’s, what a horrid name. Ass Burger?), or what’s now just a high functioning Autistic. Since July, I’ve been off my meds as an ongoing University of Washington-sponsored experiment to see if I can function without them for six months. (Survey says: Hell No. Duh. But they need evidence.)

    Anyways, this is making me extremely bad at talking and doing social stuff with too many people most times.
    Now I’m just back to being somewhat quiet and hyper-observant. A far cry from the July highs I had.
    Being asked to be the Duty Officer last week was a panic attack (especially with having been in PAX with so many people), so I decided best to not push my luck with more talking around people, for your project this week. With the ex-USN people blabbing on and on, I can only take so many hours of people listening/talking, before I need alone time for instance.

    See, too much information. *eye roll*
    This is why I’m sticking to writing. Until I get my personal psycho stuff situated, it’s the only format I can effectively communicate, unless I get on the piss.
    Should be right as rain when I get back on my meds in January. The things I do for mental health studies. Ugh.

    With that rubbish out of the way; I’d love to listen to whatever comes out of the audio recordings. Hope it went alright.
    Wanted to be there, but um, yeah. Stuff above sucks for socialising, and I can’t really hide it as I’ve noticed my regression into anxiety-bloke, temporarily.

    Leonard Hall

    So the dry run was a good 52 minute smashing success of a conference debating tactics and keeping in character whilst doing so. I’ve asked Fish to edit it and he should deliver me a refined product worthy of putting in the Data Stream soon. I didn’t get Xavier but I did get Verok as a senior officer in the meet so that’s covered.

    USN complaining on how long it took to complete a mission? Typical USN.

    I think the fact you play around with about 20-30 people who do nothing on their Saturday nights except blow up virtual spaceships is mental enough.


    Jemel Eahain

    USN complaining on how long it took to complete a mission? Typical USN.

    Indeed, iv got one that thinks it’s perfectly ok and prefered to fly through asteroids with shields down as its quicker to fix nodes than charge shields, talk about the most un role play way to do things urg


    Oh, so it wasn’t just the one who’s big on meta-gaming? No wonder you all had that um, split. Before my time though.
    Sorry to bring it up, as I’m sure it’s going to be a weird transition for all involved.

    Back to the audio! Damn, that’s right impressive. Who knew you could get people to sit in a chat room and debate…oh, right it’s the internet.

    You know I just realised it’s perhaps better I’m not there ‘in-character’. There’s no way I could do my character voice as I portray it in the stories. And unless they’ve read them, someone listening to it for the first time with no ‘backstory’, would think it’s an audio glitch or something. Talk about distracting, there’s a reason I don’t do it for the duty shift.

    Now my question for this: Do you have an in-character running name/title for these audio clips? (Instead of Logs obviously.)
    It sounds (ha!) to me as if these are going to be informal officer-lounge talks amongst whatever TSN members are present? Or are these formal strategy meetings?
    Just something to think about, if ‘audio logs’ doesn’t make sense, since they aren’t duty/personal logs.

    Leonard Hall

    This first one was a sanctioned strategic meeting/perusal of ONI intel on confirmed hostiles and situation to develop effective counter tactics against both enemy Signals Intelligence and also their defensive assets. Also the Caltrons because they wanted to make their presence known again. That said the trend may not necessarily be strategic planning meetings but it will likely be the trend as long as we’re in quasi-war with the Grand Alliance.

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