Jump Gates

Jump Gate technology was first developed in 2114 by the G’Zann in partnership with Humanity, with the first jump gate being established between the Atlantis and Al’Mare system. The technology massively improved jump point travel, as well as communication, and paved the way to establishing the USFP as it is known in the present day.

The full understanding of Jump Gate technology is still somewhat unknown to many of the races of the USFP. Only the G’Zann truly understand the complex systems aboard a jump gate that allow it to stabilise a jump point. The gates themselves have an array of systems such, data transmission and navigational systems, making them a core part of the USFP infrastructure.

The gate itself acts like an anchor, using various resonance amplifiers to ‘attact’ the jump point, almost like a magnet. Without the gate, a natural jump point will gradually shift, requiring constant remapping of the jump point location by survey ships, however with the gate, the jump point location remains stable indefinitely, with the coordinates varying by a fractional amount.

Jump Gates themselves also include key technologies that allow exit points to be more accurately estimated and have greatly increased the safety of exploring new jump locations.

When active, the gate also relays to nearby ships key navigational data, allowing the ship’s jump systems to lock to the gate and enter jump space. Ships then transition almost instantaneously to the jump point exit along the jump corridor.

Jump Gates are also capable of beaming data and information through the jump corridor and over to a receiving gate at the other end of the jump point, where they can be received and passed on to any other assets within the target system, including other jump gates. Due to the compression experienced in the jump corridor, the loss of quality is minimal, and with the gates acting as amplifiers, the data transmission maintains exceptional quality. The technology therefore allows rapid relay of data and information across the USFP systems via the Jump Gate network.