Member Races of the USFP

There are many different races that have joined the USFP. Those that were the founding members are highlighted below, along with some of the other current member races.

Humans (Founding Member)

Home star system – Sol

Humans are a technologically advanced race, and one of the founding member races of the USFP. They played a major role in bringing together the other members of the USFP and form the majority of serving personnel in the Terran Stellar Navy.

Humans became one of the most prominent races in the USFP during the attack by Hegemony forces at New Lhasa. Due to their turbulent past, humans had developed advanced weapons technology that was pivotal in defeating the Hegemony forces.

G’zann (Founding Member)

Home star system – Al’Mare

A highly intelligent race, the G’zann were one of the first founding members of the USFP. With a desire for peace and unity in the galaxy, the G’zann played a major role in establishing the USFP.

Meaningful contact between humanity and the G’zann was first established in the year 2110 when an experimental manned spacecraft successfully jumped to the Al’Mare system from the Atlantis colony. From that point on, peaceful relations were established, and knowledge and technology was shared openly between the colony and the G’zann.

The G’zann’s most notable contribution has been the Jump Gate technology. With their advanced intellect, the G’zann were able to refine the operation of the jump technology developed by the humanity to a more reliable and stable system of Jump Gates. With assistance from Atlantis colony engineers, the first Jump Gate was established in the year 2114, linking the human colony in Atlantis with the G’zann home star system.

When humanity began to unite, membership was offered to the G’zann due to their already established relationship with the Atlantis colony. The membership was accepted, and the G’zann became one of the founding members of the USFP. Since then, they have played a major role in the USFP, forming new relationships with alien species and bringing about laws to protect alien creatures across the galaxy. Due to their peaceful nature, they oppose war. Instead, they push for diplomatic solutions that avoid conflict, and have threatened to leave the USFP on principle on a number of occasions, most notably during the Spiral Arm wars.

Atargatis (Founding Member)

Home star system – Croarsica

Anat (Founding Member)

Home star system – Drelou


Home star system – Agor


Home star system – Mrile