TSN Mk.3 Warp Propulsion Drive

Since the first warp drive was created, a number of systems have been designed. The TSN currently operate a Mk.3 military grade drive on most frontline ships, with older or auxillary ships sometimes still operating Mk.2 drives.


The Mk.3 Warp Propulsion drive is very similar to an impulse drive in that in operates along similar principles, albeit with a much more powerful output.

First, plasma is fed to the propulsion drive after being cycled through the ship reactor (1) via plasma conduits. The plasma is the fed through a series of compression coils that significantly increases its density (5). After being compressed, the plasma is fed through a series of densely constructed mass driver coils, increasing the velocity of the plasma (2). The accelerated plasma then enters a second series of compression coils mass driver coils to further increase its velocity and density (5). Once this process is complete, the plasma then makes it to the coagulation coils were its transformed from its liquid state into a gaseous state(3). Finally, the gaseous plasma is released into space via the expansion nozzle (4) where it expands and pushes the warp drive forward.