Officer’s Datapad

All officers in the TSN are issued with a Datapad – a small, handheld pad used primarily for interfacing with TSN ship systems. The datapad fits onto the various consoles around a ship, and allows the officer to interact with various ship systems. The standard device has a screen size of 15″, and is for both personal and professional use.

When on duty, the officer places their device on their assigned console. It is held in place by a small magnetic force and will interface directly with the ship’s computer systems.The console itself is surrounded by several touch screen interface monitors, smaller than the officer’s own device, as well as several physical interface systems (buttons, switches, dials etc). Without the officer’s device, the individual monitors display standard screens communicating information about the ship and providing an interface for other crew members to use. As soon as the officer places their personal data tablet on the console in a central position, the device is locked into place and the screens display the officer’s preference of information. This may include instrument readouts from other consoles, smaller external display views, or other data from around the ship. The officer can tailor the various monitors and displays to show information they require, and can quickly switch between different presets, or change the display entirely. Their own data tablet shows the main console for which they are assigned. This is the primary interface for the officer; they can use either direct touch-screen interface or physical interface system to interact with their console.