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    I sent over £20.


    I have been working with Jemel and Verok to calculate all the TSN expenses. I have created a record of all the contributions, expenditure and who has paid what to make sure it is divided fairly between those paying the expenses.

    I am thinking of running the records on a quarterly basis and having an update that everyone can see so you are fully aware of where any contribution is going. I have also set up a document stating clearly what any contributions will be used for – an agreement that it will only be used for the TSN RP Community and its online activities.

    I will update more as we finalise everything.


    OK, the website has been renewed for 12 months. It has cost a total of £94.34. Thank you to those who donated to help. There is also the teamspeak and game server we use that we are going to put funds towards too. These are paid by Jemel and Verok and will be calculated on a quarterly basis (as that is how Jemel is paying for the teamspeak server).

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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