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    Hello all,
    The renewal for the site is coming up (19th April). Do we want to renew? I ask because it is going to cost me £119 for the next two years (if you want to donate to help me out, please contact me!) It is quite a chunk, but this resource seems to be quite well used. It’ll also mean the TSN continues to run for another couple of years at least as we still have the site.
    Alternatively, we can migrate back to a free site. It wouldn’t be as versetile though and we wouldn’t have the features we have here, however it is an option.
    Comments are welcome.


    Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel Renewal
    Expires: 19/04/2017
    Term: 2 Years
    Total: £119.76†


    I don’t know about anybody else, but if you set up a patreon, I’d be happy to chip in $10 a month for website and server upkeep. Otherwise, I also wouldn’t mind sending money by PayPal, considering how much enjoyment I get out of this group on a weekly basis for free.


    I would be willing to assist with paying for the website as well.


    Also happy to help

    Adele Mundy

    Matsiyan and I are also happy to contribute to the site. And given how many of us there are, if we all send in £10.00 we should easily cover the cost.


    I’d be glad to donate as well.




    Likewise. I think the Patreon suggestion is a great one.

    Fish Evans

    we are currently working out the best way to collect monies for the site, TS and our dedicated host, It all tots up to a suppriseing £380 – $475 a year.


    38p / $0.50 per person per week.

    $2 per person per month. That works easily for a Patreon. That’s how I’m funding City of Titans 🙂


    There are a couple of crowdfunding sites, Patreon is one of them, Kickstarted is another. In the UK, we have Crowdfunder which seems one of the main ones. This is one where you set a target and people put up pledges (like Kickstarter). I can set up an account, people could pledge then the money could be paid out to cover all costs e.g. website, teamspeak and main server. If the target was set just above what we needed to cover everything, it would cover costs. Stretch targets could include an upgraded website (no longer limited storage space, faster running etc.) or funding for a longer period (paying for 3 years subscription instead of 2).

    Alternatively, donations could just be sent to one paypal account as a ‘gift’ and then distributed from there. It would likely reduce costs of the funding as we wouldn’t have to pay a crowdfunding site to handle it all (cut out the middle man). If this was the option we decide on, a spreadsheet would be set up showing donations and amounts and then receipts recorded and shared to show what is being funded and how much. Teamspeak has s “group pay” option if we want to adopt that.

    I am personally leaning more towards using Crowdfunder due to its ease.

    Blaze Strife

    I’ll donate, as well. Just tell me where to send the money.

    Patreon is cool, but don’t we need to cover the complete cost of the servers immediately?


    For the website, it is an upfront fee that I pay for the period selected, in this case 2 years. I believe the game server and teamspeak is a monthly payment, with the game server varying due to usage.


    OK, for a contribution for payment to the site, PM me and I’ll PM my email for paypal. I set up a spreadsheet that you guys can access so you can see how much has been contributed. I’ll see if I can add some kind of receipt for the website too so you can see the payment. I am more than happy to cover the biggest chunk of the site, but any contributions would really help me out.

    Thanks for the support too! I really appreciate it. This is really a great community.

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