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    I used to play Empty Epsilon, but then discord decided it doesn’t want to let me use its services. I’ve tried using a mobile phone, but alas no joy, it doesn’t recognize it. Then I remembered that TSN uses teamspeak and I’m really hoping that’s the case as I’d like to get involved again.

    My knowledge of Artemis is very limited. I’ve downloaded the application (again) and hopefully installed the mod correctly (so just waiting for Saturday to sit and observe one of the crews, with permission of course). I’ve read through the newbie guide but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do?

    I’d certainly like to get a touch more involved in the community, but alas, no discord :(.

    Thomas Avirson

    Hello Sabasti, I’m sorry to hear about your Discord woes. While it’s true that we use Discord a fair bit these days for announcements, awards, objective tracking, and discussion, the important things are just about always echoed during shifts to ensure that everyone’s in the loop where possible. In short, you won’t be missing too much without Discord, simply getting “caught up” during the shift (and many new things are announced in TS3 first anyways).

    Thanks for taking a look at the New Player’s Guide, it’s good to hear that you’re taking a proactive approach. If you want to learn more about Artemis, here’s a list of some of our core training documentation:

    We always welcome new players! You can certainly join us and simply observe or, if you’re up for it, you can get your feet wet – no former experience is required to fly with us.

    As for your Discord troubles, have you tried using the browser version, or only the applications?


    I’ve tried both, but discord insist on verifying almost immediately. I was initially resistant to giving them my phone number but desperation won out… sadly the robot won’t accept them and customer service says: “Sorry but we think the robot is right.” Even though I don’t actually have any history that would violate their terms of service.

    It’s good to hear that things are repeated in TS3, I take it there’s a pre-brief where any updates and given.

    I’ve given the training documentation a once over and I do have one question about that. Are there any ‘drill sessions’, or sessions in order to train up and coming officers how to fulfill their role properly ready for the Duty Shift? For helm I would imagine that would take some getting used to to get the attack patterns down.


    Thomas Avirson

    We do both simulations and missions during duty shifts. Simulations are used to stress-test the server/mod, provide players a chance to act in roles they’re less familiar with, and to generally get officers warmed up before missions. Missions, as continuations of the TSN canon, are story-driven experiences with repercussion. You could, in a sense, see simulations as “drills,” though we don’t typically have standalone practice sessions.

    As for the attack patterns, captains & experienced officers try assist new players by being more specific with their details when issuing a command, EG: “Helm, come about for Delta 2 on Sierra 8-9, engage with full beams,” rather than simply saying, “Delta 2 on Sierra 8-9,” as they would with a more experienced crew. We try to provide a welcoming atmosphere, as we fully understand it’s a lot to learn and mistakes are likely to be made early on. Once again, if you prefer it you’re also welcome to act as an observer until you’re more comfortable.

    As another resource, we do have a few people who stream the game and have recordings available for viewing. Here are a few recent recordings from different shifts & perspectives:


    Much appreciated, I wasn’t sure if the Duty Shift (and I think I have experienced one previously albeit some time ago) contained practice elements or was a 3-hour RPG-esque marathon. (Depending on how much detail the Game Masters go into it).

    I think it’s mostly going to be me observing, that said, I’ll try and watch through as many of those streams/recordings as I can to try and catch up as quickly as I can.


    Do we get written briefs? (I’m not really a ‘listening’ person as it were).

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    Thomas Avirson

    I cannot recall any specific instance of being provided a written brief. We do, at times, get O.N.I. reports following our missions posted onto these forums, and I’m sure there’s “classified” paperwork that the Senior Officers use for those shift briefings, but that’s as close as we get at present.


    Welcome, Sabasti!

    It would be more correct to say that things are “repeated” in Discord. Mission Briefing and all admin announcements, like promotions and awards, are always given in Teamspeak verbally.

    We are trying to return to the practice of always publishing an “ONI report” on this forum that summarizes the situation after the previous shift as a way of helping.

    I don’t understand the issue with Discord. It has been a while since I signed up. If they are looking for a valid mobile phone number to text a confirmation to, then would a free Google Voice number work? Not sure if they are still handing them out. They are very useful for receiving texts and forwarding calls to any phone you choose.

    Best regards,

    Captain Matsiyan


    Much appreciated.

    Sadly nope, I have tried and the customer service team is less than helpful when trying to explain their verification system isn’t working.




    Good to see you on shift today, Sebasti!

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