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    Leonard Hall

    oni rara


    Our operations this cycle largely consisted of fleet training, restructuring of attack patterns and some important defensive actions. The performance seen in the initial fleet training OPs was high as usual. However, training once again proves to only do so well in the face of active battle conditions.

    During our first active operation of the duty cycle, we responded to a request for reinforcements from Commander Zolmar. The Hegemony had sent a significant attack force against his faction and the N’tani harboring them, and our outfit was the closest available fleet unit available to respond.

    The Division disengaged autopilot flight routines near command post 27-X. Finding no sign of Hegemony activity near our installation, we had correctly presumed the N’tani homeworld might already be under threat. Once the fleet had arrived in Euphini sector I, the allies assembled their available defenses and turned them over to TSN command authority. Shortly after, Hegemony forces had made their appearance in the sector. The ensuing battle was quite costly for all sides involved. An initial drone blitz and wearing down by hostile beamers contributed heavily to allied losses. The TSN Phoenix was destroyed in a close-in encounter with a hostile command ship. Ultimately however, no friendly installations were lost and the N’tani homeworld never became subject to any hostile action.

    (see Phoenix final action report

    Returning back to Promethean, the Division received orders to escort a recently arrived merchant convoy back towards more secure space. This operation was delayed, however, as Weapons Platform 44 came under attack by a USF spearhead. The platform was able to overpower the attacking Nightmare class scout vessels although one of its batteries was severely damaged by the raid. A moderate USF incursion force entered the sector afterward, bypassing all outer defense grids in other sectors. Marshalling our reserve vessels the fleet was able to repulse this attack. Of peculiar note was the dispersed presence of Caltrons and a small, temporary rift being opened towards the end of engagement.

    Following the successful defense of Promethean Command the fleet returned to its assigned escort mission. Fortunately for fleet morale, In-system Security in Cerberus was standing by to take over escort duty, not to mention a couple private escort ships the merchants had hired before departure was authorized.


    Commander Zolmar’s forces suffered significant losses while defending the N’tani home planet — in addition the entire section of the N’tani Home Fleet assigned to guard the sector had been neutralized by Hegemony forces. This will have a quite costly impact on their operations. We do not anticipate the need to defend them further at this time, as they have recalled elements to fortify themselves.

    Important to note however is that upon further review of recently acquired and trained operatives, some were in fact still loyal to the Order and had used the closeness they had acquired in “defecting” in order to give the Hegemony intelligence that the N’tani and Zolmar’s faction were camping out in Euphini. In collaboration with ONI, Zolmar’s intelligence section has redoubled efforts to ensure all secured defectors are genuine.

    We are continuing research on the unknown object secured a couple shifts ago. Its harmful radiation emission has been suppressed with some tinkering and we have been able to conduct proper study on it, i.e. not contained within a secure rad-suppression chamber. It will still be some time before we can crack any valuable intel out of it though.

    TSN Command anticipates that upcoming OPs will revolve around continuing to aid Zolmar’s Faction in various capacities. It is also likely a materials run will be scheduled, as Promethean Command base staff report a shortage of necessary ship components due to needed repairs and lost fleet craft.

    The destruction of TSN Phoenix further hinders our fleet’s operational resources during continued austerity. While her loss in combat may be reversed by repair efforts from our allies, we cannot expect her to be back in action any time soon after weathering such intense punishment. ONI reminds all officers of the Raven’s total loss, and recommends that further vessel destructions be avoided unless critical mission objectives are threatened, and the only means to save them involves the loss of further fleet craft.

    Fleet Officers are therefore advised to weigh each situation from here on out with the utmost care. Brush up on your vessel’s specs and know just how much heat you can take before you catch on fire.

    As a final point to conclude this document, Command Officers are reminded that unauthorized commercial transactions conducted with merchants, escort charges or otherwise, is an act frowned upon by TSN regulation. The conclusion of any such sales will be taken directly out of the bank account, or salary, of officers involved in order to cover the expense. Should this result in a negative credit balance that officer’s pay will be garnished until the debt has been covered. In addition if such material is deemed crucial to the war effort it may be confiscated in order to alleviate austerity. In the event of confiscation, officers will not be refunded any credits used to make such unauthorized purchases.

    oni end

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