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    John van Leigh

    From: Commander John van Leigh, CO TSN Phoenix
    To: Fleet Captain Xavier Wise, CO 2FLT4LD
    CC: All officers with intel clearance higher than 4.

    It is my duty to inform you, sir, of the destruction of the TSN Phoenix during combat on the Euphini Expanse. I proceed to explain the surrounding circumstances and the reasoning that led me to allow such a result.

    While acting as division commandant, I was dispatched to lead the defense of a N’tani and Zolmari outpost. Their numbers were well below those of the enemy; and while the terrain seemed defensible enough, the asteroid belt dividing both factions’ initial position meant that our allies necessarily had to fight aggresively, for two reasons. Firstly, it would mean the asteroids will protect the bases, which were reportedly my first priority, from drone attacks. Secondly, the risk of having our allies outmanouvered in a restrictive enviroment; leading to their anihilation.

    The early stages of the battle went well enough. Our allies, which were ordered to form a dense line of battle comprising the core of our attack, managed to cross the asteroid belt, but not in good order. In consequence they were dispersed and wide open to attack; so when our division failed to destroy an especially dense cloud of drones over half of their forces were immediately wiped out despite heroic efforts from Lancer.

    At this point all of our ships were in terrible shape. I ordered the Zolmari survivors to retreat to safety and form again properly while Lancer covered theim, thus allowing all our other ships to dock for field repairs. The enemy consisted by now of two fleets: a heavy Torgoth/Kralien group and a Torgoth command dettachment.

    Lancer and Phoenix went against the command ship while Horizon and Viper attacked the larger Torgoth fleet with our allies. This was the key stage of the fight: should the command ship escape and rejoin their allies, they would, without fail, break through the Horizon battlegroup. This would be an unacceptable scenario as the Zolmari would be left virtually without any mobile forces.

    It was at this point that the command group focused fire on Phoenix. I predicted that, if I were to order my ship to retreat, Lancer could be overwhelmed by superior firepower or worse: they would charge straight into the Zolmari squadron. Such a result would in my opinion mean the immediate failure of our campaign, as our diplomatic relations would be tainted by the perception of us using them as cannon fodder to save ourselves. Thus I ordered Phoenix to remain in position and abandon ship, despite the possibility of escaping to safety.

    I believe that the destruction of one ship is well worth the success of a major battle. It was a sad cost to our victory, but a necessary one, and so I stand by my choice.

    Commander John van Leigh


    From: Lieutenant Commander Dante Zelreich,
    Executive Officer TSN Phoenix, Director Naval Intelligence
    To: Fleet Captain Xavier Wise, CO 2FLT4LD
    CC: All officers with intel clearance higher than 4.

    Character Testimony:

    I, Lieutenant Commander Dante Zelreich, being of sound mind and body, do affirm that Commander van Leigh made the only sound tactical choice. Faced with the destruction of his ship, Commander van Leigh, in keeping with the highest of TSN traditions, made the call to sacrifice his ship in order to save loyal allies. I would have made the same call.


    Lieutenant Commander Zelreich

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