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Adele Mundy

There was another training meeting today for the volunteers helping out with Artemis at Phoenix Comicon – only two more weekends, and we’ll be on shepherding cadets duty! Today all those attending tried on uniforms and had photos taken for the recruiting posters (the TSN wants You!) The young and handsome people had some more “glamorous” shots as well as the “we are officers and we mean business” shots; and a couple of people were in alien make-up, because the TSN is an equal opportunities organization.

One bridge was set up so that new people could play, so while waiting for my photo session, I helped out two of the new people get the hang of Science and Comms. There were new volunteers, who had never played before, and they’re expected to learn enough about the game to help out people who want to try the game during the Con. So I was trying to show them one step at a time, in order not to overwhelm them. At least they were seated next to each other, so I could stand behind their seats, look over their shoulders, and gently suggest, “Science, Comms needs to know which ship to taunt”; “Comms, this is how you ask for surrenders”…

Then all the new people switched stations (good idea), and then the Engineer, Science and Comms all left, mid-mission… (not a good idea). But Weapons and Helm wanted to carry on, so I took Science and Comms, we left Engineering in its basic setting, and we managed to complete the sim – it was set at something ridiculously easy, for which I was grateful. It’s one thing to run SciComms on one console, and it’s another to reach along the table to another computer; while occasionally peering round the other side to help out with helm controls. Me! Helping out with helm controls! Those of you who’ve been in a sim where Mundy was driving will know how amusing the idea is. And how terrifying the thought that I was a better pilot than the guy on Helm. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Then a helpful child asked if he could take Comms. He could just about read, so that was okay, with help. His twin sister tried to take Engineering, but she was across the far side of the table from me and really needed someone next to her who could explain it, so she lost interest. This is why there aren’t enough women in STEM, people! Train your daughters, nieces and little cousins to run the ship’s engines, dammit!

The game ended (I actually talked Helm and Weapons through executing an Echo run on the last enemy ship. Why are people so surprised when mines go boom?), I put on a uniform, stood in front of the green screen and had my photos taken. I shall find out if the results are any good at the Con.

This wasn’t supposed to turn into a pseudo-log, but in case anyone on the forums is vaguely local and wants to join in, now you know. There’s another training session this coming Wed., one next Saturday, one on Labour Day.