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Fish Evans

so for those asking about the video….

Gebbons Records the Video im not sure what softwhere he is using but it used to be OBS, as he is on the Raven normaly we also get the bridge chatter from the Raven and the Raven to other ship coms/other ship to raven comms.

Hall has a bot in a channel called “Command Comms Relay” you may well of seen it in there. and all the inter ship comunications also whisper to that channel thats how we get the Eagle to Lancer / Phoneixe to Command and control audio.

There is litte work after setup in recording the video in the format you see with the data screens, its literally recored like that live by Gebbons (he was even streaming it a few weeks ago), as this was a special mission I decided to clear up the vid a little and do some moderate editing on it to mix in some of the other ship chatter and put the icons of whos talking to who up I also spliced it into one video from two (one pre crash one post crash) threw up a few other odds and ends to help people understand whats happening – that took me about 4 hours maybe and I would not say its a finished product esp the ending.

Back on to the main topic
One thing that I have decided is that as a result of the weapons test the torgoths and Arvonians are fairly pived and scared. there are likely to be a number of tricky missions that will decide if they will declare war and re ally with the kralians. I will add that the numbers will be stacked against peacefull resolution. I think as well that the Ximni will throw there lot in with the USFP – that will give us reason abd excuse to play with the Ximni playerships.

as for Xavior Im hopeing that we will be able to do a 10-15 min “court of enquiry” style thing, it will be script guided though and optional anyone not wanting to RP / sit in the chamber will be able to run a simulation or preset mission. It may take more then a week to set up though .. any one fancy playing rear admiral XYZ of the Aderjent Generals office?