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🙂 I was tempted to leave it at that.

The division escorted an R&D flottila to a remote and uninhabited sector for a test firing of a new weapon. The detonation of the weapon coincideed with the appearance of a black hole and numerous Caltrons and was followed by a billowing wave of spatio-temporal instability (represented on our sensors as dense circular clusters of mines that blanketed all space spreading out from the anomaly) that spread at sub-light speed throughout the sector and even followed us into the next sector as we and the Caltrons engaged in a running fight ahead of it.

At some point in the fight with the Caltrons, the overzealous Phoenix went down and Aposine at the helm of Lancer picked them up in an outstanding display of high precision, high velocity piloting. Matsiyan does not recall in which sector that occurred. So I do not know if the wreck of the Phoenix is recoverable or was blanketed by the effects of The Weapon.

Having destroyed or discouraged the Caltrons, the division returned to forward command. Fleet Captain Xavier made an announcement over fleetwide broadcast to the effect that he could not sanction the existence of such a weapon, as at the very least it was too dangerous to be allowed to fall into enemy hands. If I recall there was an appeal for any strong objections but before any such were successfully relayed through bridge commanders The Raven opened fire on The Weapon. The vessels in the weapon’s flotilla became hostile to Raven and were also destroyed. Captain Xavier stood down as commander of both Raven and the DIvision pending due process. That announcement should have been recorded by CIC.