Reply To: The Bar

John van Leigh

I’m not defending Aramond here as I didn’t work enough with him to get a deep understanding of his personality, but sometimes the angry reaction comes from the fact that someone senior should know better. One gets angry with oneselves, and we react like that.

But the crashing into mines at transition is a problem that comes in many places. First, we’re not (neither helm people or captains) used to slowing down, so the order doesn’t get issued and the people driving don’t do it anyways. Second, we don’t rely on our maps enough, so we don’t bother to check for a route where we don’t die horribly. I’m as guilty of that one as any scicomms officer, as I try to avoid having anything loaded with my consoles and comms systems.

//But yeah, I think that Aramond may not be the very best (yet!), but he’s competent, is willing to improve, and strives to deserve the responsibilities given to him. And that’s damn well respectable.