Reply To: The Bar

Blaze Strife

You’re from Raven? She’s a good ship. Good crew, too.

*Turns towards @Aramond, sitting across the table.*

I suppose you know Aramond is a very good pilot, but tell me, do you know he’s not very keen on receiving warnings from a lower ranked officer about asteroids and mines ahead? Even when he once almost destroyed Raven because sensors were slow to update on sector transition, which is something that he, as a Science Officer, should now a lot about.

*Quickly raises a hand to pause the oncoming questions.*

And, before you ask, I base my question in the belief that his curt answers and angry frown were caused by my many warnings.

Also, before you ask, I have a very high opinion of you, Aramond, and I respect you a lot. I just believe that that’s something you need to work on, if you wish to sit in a captain’s chair permanently, as soon as you hope to.