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John van Leigh

Take this with a grain of salt, but sometimes the criteria is as simple as “we need stuff done, and those two are the only applicants present”. We have our list of applicants sorted out by who wants DO and who wants ADO and we decide based on that.

Whispers. Basically, you need:
a. Whispers to every individual ship and C&C, that need to cover the target, the comms relay channel, and your own ship
b. Optionally, but ideally, a whisper to every ship and C&C simultaneously (plus your ship, plus comms relay), but this one is not needed as often. Just in case pressing all the individuals is too cumbersome and you need to send a general message (I’m in command now, my CO’s down and the next senior officer has fleet command, my ship is about to die so send help, fuck off from here before you get echo’d).
c. Whisper to the channel commanders group

My setup covers the number pad, ctrl and shift. Quite hard to whisper accidentaly. But I always try to have a piece of paper next to me as a reference both with the command codes, just in case, and where every whisper goes to.