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    Leonard Hall

    Specifically, Command Comms Relay needs to be sent to in order to ensure a secure channel (// allow ship to ship comms to be recorded by the relay \\) and the ship you are communicating with (or CIC) so you can talk with them. You can send it to your own ship if you feel the need but that portion is a wee bit more discretionary than the others.

    — LT Hall, ONI, XO Lancer


    @Remmick, @Leonard Hall, It may be because I’ve learned by watching, but the way we’ve always done it on the Raven is to include the current channel, as well as the ship you want to whisper. So I don’t have to change my whisper setup whenever I go to a different ship, I’ve actually included my push-to-talk key in all ship-to-ship whisper commands so that the channel will hear me no matter what.

    @Adele Mundy, Hurray for number pads! I’d go crazy without one.


    @Aramond does that mean that you define push to talk as rightmouseclick and talk-to-phoenix as rightmouseclick+numpad3 for example?


    @Matsiyan Exactly! Settinging up like that should make the whisper overlap with the push-to-talk, allowing both to happen at the same time.

    John van Leigh

    Take this with a grain of salt, but sometimes the criteria is as simple as “we need stuff done, and those two are the only applicants present”. We have our list of applicants sorted out by who wants DO and who wants ADO and we decide based on that.

    Whispers. Basically, you need:
    a. Whispers to every individual ship and C&C, that need to cover the target, the comms relay channel, and your own ship
    b. Optionally, but ideally, a whisper to every ship and C&C simultaneously (plus your ship, plus comms relay), but this one is not needed as often. Just in case pressing all the individuals is too cumbersome and you need to send a general message (I’m in command now, my CO’s down and the next senior officer has fleet command, my ship is about to die so send help, fuck off from here before you get echo’d).
    c. Whisper to the channel commanders group

    My setup covers the number pad, ctrl and shift. Quite hard to whisper accidentaly. But I always try to have a piece of paper next to me as a reference both with the command codes, just in case, and where every whisper goes to.


    @Matsiyan I’m wrong in what I told you. Tried my setup during the shift, and it looks like a whisper will actually override the push-to-talk key, meaning that those on your channel will not hear you unless you have that current channel on the whisper list.

    I’ve also made the discovery that TeamSpeak will not let you use more than one whisper list at a time. So it’s not possible to, say, whisper Hydra and Phoenix at the same time unless you already have a whisper set up with those two ships.

    What I’d love to be able to do is have a whisper list set up for each ship, with a “current channel” whisper included on each. It turns out that there is in fact a “current channel” whisper option, but you can’t combine it with any other whisper commands. Checking online, I’m unable to find any way anyway to make this dream a reality.

    I may end up having to give myself a crash-course in Lua, but we’ll see how that goes/how bored I get.


    You can activate up to two different whisper lists at the same time. I do this often, just hold down the two keys simultaneously
    For example, I often whisper channel commenders and C&C at the same time. I’ve also whispered two ships at the same time, rather than all ships,or each one separately. I did find that trying to activate three whisper lists didnt work,though I’m not 100% sure of that

    John van Leigh

    Now hear this, now hear this!

    Next Duty Shift will mark the end of this DO rotation. New applicants can sign up here.

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