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INTERVIEWER: On Stardate 10617-2237 a significant engagement was reported in Promethean Sector Two. We have been granted access to ask questions of Lieutenant-Senior Leonard Hall.
HALL: Yes.
INT: Lieutenant. you are a long-time liaison between the Fourth Light Division and the Office of Naval Intelligence.
HALL: Allegedly.
INT: Can you comment on the extent of the intrusion?
HALL: No comment
INT: Can you tell us something about the size of the hostile force?
INT: Would you say that Command Post 94 was in significant danger?
HALL: I couldn’t say
INT: Is it true that members of a Skaraan Corporate Close-Combat Strike Team were detained for questioning?
HALL: I am not at liberty to discuss that
INT: Is it true that Reasearch Station 25 was boarded during an ongoing physics lecture?
HALL: I am afraid that would be classified
INT: and that ingress was effected with a level 6 improvised breaching charge
HALL: That would be “Class ‘F’ I.E.D.”
INT: and that the resulting gaping hole ejected the corpses of two physics researchers in the subsequent explosive decompression?
HALL: Do you have clearance for that?
INT: Apparently the hole in the bulkhead did. Lieutenant, are you actually allowed to share any information with us about the attempted seizures from the classified hyperspatial ordnance laboratory at Research Station 25?
HALL: That would be highly irregular.
INT: In what way?
HALL: The distribution of restricted information is a rather irregular verb.
INT: I don’t quite follow.
HALL: Well, for example, ‘I give confidential briefings’, ‘You leak’ and ‘He is charged under section Two of the Official Secrets Act’
INT: I see. Well thank you for your valuable time.
HALL: Not at all. It was a real pleasure to be able to carry out my duty with such complete candour.