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    WTSN – the Spark in the Dark

    Voice of the Fleet, brought to you by the Fleet Communications Corps.



    REPORTER: The ramifications of the loss of Cerberus Command station are still being processed both within the system and across the USFP frontier. Will the peace, or perhaps we should call it the “all-but-war”, remain status quo or tip over into widespread hostilities? Even as I speak, knowing as we do from previous incursions that there is unlikely to be an immediate follow up from the Kralien Hegemony, a major convoy of construction engineering resources is en route to what remains of the station to begin reconstruction. They are accompanied by a large flotilla of destroyers and the TSN Fourth Light Division are assigned as a quick reaction force. They will be assessing whether the station is structurally recoverable and systems can be brought back online or whether a totally new station will be needed. The loss of life has been horrific and it was only the determined action of the Fourth Light Division that saved the populations of other stations in the sector. We are fortunate to have a senior officer from the division here to give us their impressions.

    //Response to follow

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    INTERVIEWER: On Stardate 10617-2237 a significant engagement was reported in Promethean Sector Two. We have been granted access to ask questions of Lieutenant-Senior Leonard Hall.
    HALL: Yes.
    INT: Lieutenant. you are a long-time liaison between the Fourth Light Division and the Office of Naval Intelligence.
    HALL: Allegedly.
    INT: Can you comment on the extent of the intrusion?
    HALL: No comment
    INT: Can you tell us something about the size of the hostile force?
    HALL: No
    INT: Would you say that Command Post 94 was in significant danger?
    HALL: I couldn’t say
    INT: Is it true that members of a Skaraan Corporate Close-Combat Strike Team were detained for questioning?
    HALL: I am not at liberty to discuss that
    INT: Is it true that Reasearch Station 25 was boarded during an ongoing physics lecture?
    HALL: I am afraid that would be classified
    INT: and that ingress was effected with a level 6 improvised breaching charge
    HALL: That would be “Class ‘F’ I.E.D.”
    INT: and that the resulting gaping hole ejected the corpses of two physics researchers in the subsequent explosive decompression?
    HALL: Do you have clearance for that?
    INT: Apparently the hole in the bulkhead did. Lieutenant, are you actually allowed to share any information with us about the attempted seizures from the classified hyperspatial ordnance laboratory at Research Station 25?
    HALL: That would be highly irregular.
    INT: In what way?
    HALL: The distribution of restricted information is a rather irregular verb.
    INT: I don’t quite follow.
    HALL: Well, for example, ‘I give confidential briefings’, ‘You leak’ and ‘He is charged under section Two of the Official Secrets Act’
    INT: I see. Well thank you for your valuable time.
    HALL: Not at all. It was a real pleasure to be able to carry out my duty with such complete candour.

    Matthew Vaj

    Lol I love it


    for anyone who needs to send me audio files, dump them in here:

    it’ll pull them down automatically for me.


    I just realized that for some reason I was never subscribed to this thread after I volunteered… I’ll try to write a segment or two soon and post them here.


    We have a discord set up for discussing stuff –

    when you write something please put it in this drive so others can download it:

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    Just dropped a script (FNS NQ 1) into that Drive folder, feedback appreciated! I’ll be on Discord if you want to give notes.


    We are now an official publicly live podcast!

    RSS –
    Google Play –
    iTunes –

    I found a good place to host the show, so when we finish i’ll be able to just upload there!


    Keep up the great work guys! You should post this on the Artemis forums too. It’ll help drum up more interest in the community and also add to the great Artemis Universe stuff out there.


    set up a crappy looking website through the podcast service i’m on

    (I have two other podcasts hosted there, so i’m just throwing the FNS into the mix)


    Second ep is up, and it is pretty nifty!

    If anyone wants to tell people about the podcast, you can just send them to

    It has the RSS, iTunes, and Google Play links right there for anyone to subscribe, plus all of the episodes streaming!

    This is a stupid amount of fun, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves! ON TO EPISODE THREE.


    You are listening to the Fleet News Service – Gravitas without the gravity


    how about “Gravitas…in Zero-G”


    I like it!

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