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Morlock would need the sound files for editing by Friday. Before that he probably needs access to a library of background themes and sound effects.

Performance artists would need scripts by Wed/Thu to record them.
– Engineering report on Denobite degeneration
– Cerberus Command station survivor eyewitness account
– Piece about USF attempt to ambush diplomatic connection with the N’tani hosted Kralien refugees. Maybe Mundy agonizing about staring down a gunsight at a ship that might contain her brother.
– Eyewitness account of the beautiful N’tani “living ships” arriving at Atlantis Command and the unusualness of Kraliens boarding the station as honoured guests.
– Interview with the archeology institute? He seemed like a nice guy, good credentials, rather quiet and intense…
– Interview with survivor of the raid on the RS-25 science station, basically highly redacted. Or maybe an official TSN reprsentative very carefully saying nothing.
– progress on the sensor net upgrade?

So we need people to subbmit scripts in the next 48 hours and also to volunteer to make recordings.

I could record something Thu night.