Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


Can Matsiyan repair the damage with the equipment on hand? AR = High, DR = Average, Roll = 40, Result = Yes

Can he complete the work before night falls? AR = High, DR = Average, Roll = 70, Result = Yes

Looks like I’ll be up half the night fixing this. he sighed I may need to borrow an extra lamp or two.

Matsiyan replaced a cracked circuit board component from the spares he had brought with him. Then he sprayed sealant inside and out on the cracked casing. He cold-welded the broken strut back in place and improvised a reinforcement from an additional length of tube to take it back to at least the original strength. Finally he remounted the case and tested the data flow shortly after the bloated sun touched the increasingly hazy horizon.

All done! he announced with satisfaction.