Reply To: Mission 29517-2237


Copy that, Lieutenant. Let me know if anything crops up while I have my head behind a panel.

Matsiyan toted his pack out into the open area where the station had to be established. It had grown since the first simple 2.5 metre pole with its anemometer and a bulky base with stabilizers slammed into the earth by towering young Lt. Jr. Blaze.

Now it reared above him in two storeys of lightweight alloy with a photovoltaic-film-covered observation catwalk at the top. Not hard to imagine you were at some primitive watchtower, he thought, defending your territory against rude strangers. But here was only a much taller mast with a bevy of sensor packs, and comms gear, and a faintly ludicrous backup windmill for auxiliary power. From this height and with the augmented sensors it could survey hundreds of kilometres rather than the few of the original.

Is there obvious physical damage? AR – Average, DR – Average, Roll – 13, Result – Yes

Is the cause biological? AR – Average, DR – Average, Roll – 93, Result – No

Matsiyan shrugged off his pack and made a circuit, examining everything in reach, stepping over some storm-tossed debris as he went. He grunted the pack back on and climbed to the first catwalk level and did the same. This time he paused at the northwest corner. The casing on the main comms relay housing was dented and cracked and the whole case hung askew where the structural support strut it was attached to had been snapped clean off. It looked like a heavy branch or something in a hurricane-force wind, had impacted with terrific force. With a sigh he unshipped his pack again and started dismounting the casing and opening it.