Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237


Quinn quickly runs through the preflight checklist, flipping switches and checking readings on his panel.

Make sure everything’s stowed back there and strap yourselves in, this might get bumpy!

Do they take off without issue? AR = High, DR = Average, Roll = 72, Result = Yes (close one!)

The storm front begins to overtake them as Quinn quickly lifts the shuttle into the air and shouts to the rear of the shuttle:

We’re in the air but it’s not over yet. Hold on!

Do they make it to orbit without any adverse effects from the storm? AR = High, DR = Average, Roll = 42, Result = Yes

The winds pick up as they gain altitude and Quinn grits his teeth and strains against the control stick. He is unused to atmospheric flying but it’s nothing compared to flying through gravitational eddies of the Poseidon Rift. He sighs deeply when the break through the top of the storm cloud, realizing only then that he had been holding his breath the whole ascent.