Reply To: Mission: 19217-2237

Tuor Elanesse

//After trekking across the planet, the team reach the peak of one of the hills. Scans indicate it to be a suitable location to set up the equipment.

After a long trekking, Commander Tuor turned and looked at the vast area they ve just walked through. “I wonder what happened to that beast we have encountered” He said to himself. In these times he always finds himself thinking about the beauty of the nature and sublimity of the universe. “All these things has a purpose. even the littlest of the animals can affect the chain” He sighed. Took a deep breath and exhale. While he was taking a second one he just swallowed a bug what he believes to be a giant space mosquito.

Good Lord! ptfffh! Ptfhhh! Damn you planet, give us a break! Okay lets set things up in here.

Is there a geyser like natural structure nearby or a small water pond?
AR: Average

I ll take samples from that pond for microscobic life and pathogens. I am telling you it is a sheer luck we do not get Skaaran Hemotidrasis so far.

Commandr took a sample from the pond and carefully placed it into his analyzer.

Is there a new microscobic life on my sample?

Well look what we got here! Most of the reading are the same with federation planets. So that means this planet has been visited by one of the federation races or even they created a settlement here. Maybe we are standing on a lost civilization. What is more interesting! i ve found a new pathogen which i believe it can only be found in the body N’tani people. This organism is so ancient that we need to get into decontamination room before enteirng the ship. I ll cross check them with N’tani blood samples.

Do they match?
DR: Average

This is awesome. This planet hasn’t been catalogued by N’tani either but it seems they have lived on here. Very very long time ago probably so that they cannot even remember. Maybe this place was their birthplace. MAybe one of their early colonies before efficient space travel. We need archeological study of this planet. I am pretty sure this place was a trade center centuries ago.