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Tuor Elanesse

You do not need to worry about these kind of missions. I wanted to join because i need distraction from life. You are right this system needs improvements but these kind of missions planned to be played between 2 shifts. So it is plausable for the system to be easy and simple. We need a security officer as a standard in missins. So the only enlisted one is you right now.

Do not flood yourself with details.I can sympathize with you, however the aim here is to be relaxed and achieve something in our collective imagination. Keeping it simple does not bother me actualy instead relxes me i do not need to learn new things all over again or lost in character traits.

just give it a try and lets explore the shit out of this planet. If i am the commander now your resignation is officially denied from this mission. If i am not OOC me is saying that we need a security officer on board in case any hostile forces present on this planet because we have just sweeped the sector from enemies and they had comm links active.