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Leonard Hall

An interesting question indeed.

To address the point, I consider the roleplay in the TSN to be PARAMOUNT, to a serious personal fault. Let’s be honest: Artemis is an alright game and all, but it has its quirks, flaws, and ultimate extent in terms of just how much non-RP (raw combat and activity) gameplay you can squeeze from it. It’s really the people, the community, that keeps it going. I’d love to see a lot more adherence to roleplay within the TSN, but both game mechanics and the underlying nature of people ( some people are indeed just here for the game and that’s fine, us RPers find RP ways to justify their non-RP-conforming actions) are natural barriers to that.

I’ll leave it there for now, since it’s rather touchy as far as subjects go for us. I almost thought about not poking in this thread because of how passionate I am about the RP.