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Blaze Strife

// @nhaima If your second paragraph in post #20220 refers to me, then I’m sorry, that’s not what I was trying to say. I was actually responding to Xavier’s post above my own, saying that Blaze would follow his superiors, rather than the principles, in most cases. I was also the Weapons Officer, on Viper. I wanted to roleplay the debate with Captain Verok ( @davisn456 ) whether I should fire on the Hegemony or not, but due to the non-RP chatter of others on the ship, I didn’t. Would’ve been a nice discussion.

I’m quite a fan of anything that elevates the game from simply being a combat simulator

//I agree 100%. Artemis itself is not all that good a game, to me. TSN RP is the reason why I came back week after week.

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