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Is the command deck on this level? AR=Low; DR = Average; Roll = 36; Result = No

Does the map show us where the command deck is? AR = Below Average; DR = Average; Roll = 27; Result = Yes

Nhaima pulled out her pad and started scanning the information being fed back from the energy pulses. As she searched, she casually keyed her boots’ power and began to float back into the corridor as she no longer needed to be locked to the ground.

“I’m not seeing it yet….” she snarled at herself, scanning over and over the same area before hissing and keying at her pad again. She began to rotate the focus of her mapping to those around them until she halted.

“Lieutenant? I’m seeing a large spike in circuitry about two decks down followed by a dead zone…. It looks heavily insulated…. I’m not sure whether that’s the reactor or their C&C, but either way that’s good for us.”

She flipped herself so she was oriented in the same direction as Matsiyan, then tapped away from the wall and drifted over to him. As she got close, she reached out and caught his upper arm to stabilize their cumulative momentum then handed him her pad to share her results in the hopes he would concur