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Here goes.
Matsiyan activates the generator low power pulse sequence at 2 Hz and about one tenth the estimated power needed to activate the lighting circuits.

Do the lights come on? AR = Expert/High; DR = Below Average; Roll = 84; Result = Yes

He watches the pulse indicator on the generator flash calmly twice per second. After several seconds he looks intently down the corridor, muttering under his breath.

Eighteen elephant…

The Kralien vertical light panels, of some translucent plastic, glow softly red for about three seconds. Matsiyan slowly increases the power and frequency by about fifty percent and the light strips come back on and glow steadily.

That should be right on the lower limit of what is needed to power the nearby lights. Not sure how far it will reach before it attenuates, until they blink, ever more slowly as the power is absorbed. But the pulses should now be running through the power circuitry, everywhere connected.

Turnez, are the sensors picking up anything?