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I have quickly added a converstion. To me “Trained” should be the average, with Basic being below average and Confident being above. Expert therefore steps up to High and Master to Exceptional. Beyond these, I doubt we are going to use the other ranks. Though gaining more experience in a particular module could give us Incredible level. Below that, untrained would be Low. Of course, as TSN officers we should have a level of problem solving ability to work our way around most situations.

As for our own physical traits like reaction speed, strength etc. we are playing normal human beings so they should all pretty much be average. Maybe someone like Blaze could count himself as being of bigger build due to his marine training and could have Above Average strength. I think any higher or lower should be saved for aliens we meet, e.g. Torgoths having either High strength or Exceptional strength (if they are particularly large). Does that sound reasonable?

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