Reply To: Mythic GM Emulator


Dante, yes. The idea would be to present your questions and resolutions clearly so it is clear where your part of the story comes from. It also means others can link in more easily too.

As for the acting ranks, we’ll need a converstion of some sort to our own system ranking. Really, the terminology doesn’t matter, as long as it matches up. For example, Trained could be classed as average. We could come up with some extra intermediate ranks too to give broader scope, just keeping it themed to our own universe.

Unopposed tests are the ones that might be a little more challenging, for example what acting rank is assigned when you ask the question ‘does the shuttle dock safely?’ For a routine operation, we wouldn’t even need to ask this, but underfire we’d have to determine how challenging it is and assign it an acting rank. This might be low, or even miniscule if it is paricularly challenging (not looking at the moment so I may have the system ‘upside down’). You would then determine the role using the ‘average’ difficulty rating. This is likely to be the part that needs the most moderation, and it would be down to players to be honest and sensible. It may even be an OOC discussion before a post to get some ideas and reach a consensus.

I am thinking of starting a new holo deck sim to see where the issues arrive. This time I would try and keep it much simpler in scope, but again it will only be a test of the system and may not actually work out. If you are interested speak up. We could go over bits on TS before we start, or discuss on here in an OOC forum thread. Should I go ahead and set it up?