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Adele Mundy

// Quoting the GM: In the meantime, Mundy uses the datapad to bypass security codes on the locked cell and gain control of the door. Despite her efforts however, she is unable to gain access to any internal security cameras or sensor systems. Continuing to work at the systems, she gains further access to the facility’s door and lift systems on the current level.

Gentlemen, the door is open. Let’s see who the prisoner is. And I can access the other doors on this level. And the lift system. If we could patch up Matsiyan rather than the enemy, please? Then I could open the door out of the cell block, and then we could head for the armoury, and then I could get the lift doors open. It might be better for us to climb up rather than call the lift down, so they don’t stand there with guns pointing as the doors open…

By the way, the Kraliens can still be monitoring us, I can’t shut the surveillance system down… yet.

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